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AANR Midwest Region

AANR Midwest Region

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Sunshower Country Club

Sunshower's Clean-Up Weekend & Lot Draw

Event Date: April 29, 2017

Sunshower's worker bees will swarm the camp getting it ready for the season starting on Saturday, 4/29 at 9 AM with coffee & donuts provided and jobs posted. Lunch will be served for all workers at 12:30 with Lot Draw to begin at 2 PM sharp. All Sunshower lots are given by seniority and once you "survive" a lot day, that lot remains yours until you give it up. For the above reason, all lot requests must be presented, in writing, to management by 4/22 so all seniority dates can be checked. Ham will be the main course for the Pitch-In dinner at 6 PM. Bring a side dish to share and your own drinks.

The few remaining jobs will be posted on Sunday, 4/30 at 9 AM with coffee & donuts and lunch being offered at 12:30.

We thank everyone that helps to ready Sunshower for summer and hopefully all will enjoy a fun and friendly time.

For information and rental units or RV sites:

phone: 765-855-2785 (9AM-6PM) Please

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Indiana Naturists

Earth Day Spring Clean Up

IN members volunteer at Sunny Haven for Earth Day

Event Date: April 22, 2017

Indiana Naturists Celebrate Earth Day with Sunny Haven
Hosted by Sunny Haven
Granger, IN
Free Admission

Indiana Naturists are volunteering to help clean up Sunny Haven for the upcoming year. We will be raking up leaves and sticks and helping in any way we are needed.

The day starts with coffee and donuts in the clubhouse. Lunch will also be provided.

What to Bring:
A good pair of gloves
Leaf Blowers

In case it rains, a rain date is set for the following Saturday, April 29.

Not a member? Visit and apply for membership.

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Sunshower Country Club

Sunshower's Memorial Day Weekend

Event Date: May 27, 2017

Sunshower will honor our active U.S. military and veterans with free grounds fees for Memorial Weekend. Many will come to enjoy our cocktail and hors d'oeuvres pitch-in on Saturday, May 27 beginning at 6 PM with a party to continue into the evening. On Sunday, May 28 at 11 AM will be the official Flag Ceremony performed by our veterans. All are invited to bring their military memorabilia for all to view. A pitch-in dinner at 6 PM will close the day.

Members and guests are anticipating the upcoming season filled with some great events. Visit our website for more information on all of our 2017 events and to take a tour of the grounds.

Mark your calendars for some of Sunshower's top visited events: Comedy Acts June 17, Vacation Week July 1-9, Bike Rally July 27-30, Bare Butts 5K August 5, A Taste of Love, Singing duo, August 12.

Phone: 9 AM - 6 PM only please 765-855-2785

Make your plans now, the season flies by!

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Lake O' The Woods Club

Memorial Day Weekend

Event Date: May 27, 2017

Join us for Memorial Day weekend. Saturday night dinner and Sunday picnic. This is a great time to start the season, learn about our community, and meet our friendly members. Enjoy our beautiful, peaceful, and natural setting. For more information, visit, email or call 219-477-6643 and leave a message.

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Lake O'the Woods Club

Clean Up Weekend

Event Date: April 29, 2017

Join us for the cleanup weekend. Help us start the season. Visitors and friends welcome. No grounds fees. Lunch provided to all participants. This is a great time to learn about our community and meet some members. See our beautiful, peaceful, and natural setting. For more information, visit, email or call 219-477-6643 and leave a message.

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Lake O'the Woods Club

Candlelight Dinner

Event Date: June 3, 2017

Join us for a Candlelight Dinner. Enjoy swimming, volleyball, hiking, boating, fishing and just relaxing in our beautiful, peaceful, and natural setting. For more information, visit, email or call 219-477-6643 and leave a message.

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Forest Hills Club Inc

Welcome to Forest Hills

Event Date: May 1, 2017

Welcome to FOREST HILLS CLUB, the campground is open and ready for your visit. Come celebrate our 60th anniversary. See our camping specials and get your site reserved. We will be having a sock hop on May 27. For details visit, like us on Facebook or give us a call at 616-642-9526.

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Paradise Gardens

Look to April 1 for Season Opening

Event Date: April 1, 2017

April 1st is our "official" camp opening for the season. 2017 will be filled with fun activities plus all the great amenities that Paradise has to offer.

Check the website for an activities schedule. Open Houses and Specific Massage Days are on the calendar now. We invite new guests to see how relaxing our pool and sunning lawn can be.

Come visit. We are conveniently located on the outside loop of the greater Cincinnati are - close to stores, movies, shopping and downtown attractions.

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Dayton Warm Breezes

Cookout and Yard Party

Event Date: May 27, 2017

Dayton Warm Breezes' May event is cookout and yard party as we celebrate the newly arrived warm season. This is being held south of Dayton. The host will be grilling meat. The club will supply water and soft drinks. Please bring a towel, portable chairs, and your own alcohol, if desired.

For the location and any other information, please email the club at

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