Spring Into GAT

I love springtime. In Washington, DC they will talk about the cherry blossoms. We come out of winter and look forward to the planting season just ahead. For northern area nudists it means we can start to venture out to our summer venues and see what we need to do to enjoy the warmth of summer. 
For government affairs, it means the legislatures are now in full swing and politicians are looking to find their niche item they will take back to their constituents on spring break to show that they are doing something for them. We are reviewing the bills in our daily updates, and will be looking for those bills that support our efforts as well as those that challenge our goals. 
Our local teams work hard to keep informed on local issues. All AANR members should be aware of their local standards for nudity. In some locales you can be nude at home without a care, while other jurisdictions restrict nudity even in your own home. 
In addition to monitoring legislation and events that may adversely affect nude recreation, your government affairs team is always looking to improve conditions for nudists too.  That includes cultivating relationships with lawmakers at the National Conference of State Legislatures, and with local officials by attending workshops and open houses.  Beach cleanups raise funds for new amenities, and it’s a winning combination helping to erase age-old stereotypes and reverse past setbacks. With candidates we supported coming into office, 2017 may be the year when we will find the way to get laws changed that are counter to our ideals.
GAT is committed to working to remove obstacles to nude use. Making the effort to identify laws that restrict use and minimize or remove them is part of the long-term efforts we make. In March as we look at the history of nude recreation we are looking to move that effort forward.