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10 Reasons to Nakation on 10/10/10

It only comes around once in a hundred years and the big day is just around the corner, so the American Association for Nude Recreation is encouraging free spirits from coast to coast to let it all hang out at an AANR nudist resort, nonlanded event or nude beach on the momentous occasion of 10/10/10.  

The following are just a few of the reasons to test the nude recreation waters with a Nakation next month…

1.    It checks off a major “bucket list” item.

2.    Most nudist resorts holding membership in the American Association for Nude Recreation provide philanthropic support for October’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and proceeds from your stay could too.

3.    Without clothes your body absorbs more vitamin D from the sun, whose health benefits range from enhancing calcium absorption, to better sleep and preventing the blues.

4.    10/10/10 only comes around once every hundred years. It’s a special way to celebrate the occasion with an activity you’ll not likely forget, and that won’t require washing a load of laundry when you return.

5.    A couples’ getaway to a nudist resort can amp up the romance quotient in your relationship.

6.    A nudist resort provides a comfortable venue to express your creative side through body art painting.

7.    According to the Roper Organization, 40 million Americans have skinny-dipped in mixed company.  If you haven’t, isn’t it about time? Heck, each day’s hardest decision is matching your sandals to your sun visor.

8.    If you’re flying to your nudist resort destination, you won’t have to worry about airline bag fees or lost luggage. Everything you need will fit in a small carry-on.

9.    You can become a trial member of AANR whose motto “membership is a passport to fun and can be had for less than the price of a bathing suit,” fits like a glove.

10.    Our founding fathers enjoyed skinny dips and “air baths,” Norman Rockwell immortalized the joy of nude recreation too, it’s an all-American activity everyone deserves to try at least once in a hundred years—if not more often.

What are your top reasons for taking a Nakation?

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7 Responses to 10 Reasons to Nakation on 10/10/10

  1. Jay Sulkowsky says:

    Nice idea, next time you get busted for indecent exposure tell the cop your vitamin D level was low!

  2. kenn says:

    being nude at home and in the sun with others reduces stress. Being with like minded people is fun and a good way to build friendship with like minded people. And it is a great way to raise children, they are natural nudists, having fun running around sans clothes, in and out of the pool, adults could take a lesson from this.

  3. Scott Bottomley says:

    Because it’s my Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nude ALL Day………………..

  4. Susie says:

    10/10/10 is my birthday and I am looking forward to Sunday. I get to be naked alot living in South Florida Happy Birthday Scott

  5. Jim Shedd says:

    I’ll certainly be celebrating here in Las Vegas, since I’ll be off work. Probably will spend the day laboring nude in my backyard since I’m trying to dig out the rocks and caliche. I’m new to nudism but love the feel of sun and breeze on my bare skin. I HATE wearing clothes and get naked every chance I can find. I’ve not joined any organization since my wife doesn’t, so far, support my nudist lifestyle. Hopefully, in time, she will.

  6. Gary Case says:

    I live in Janesville, California. My partner and I have been naturalist for many years. Our home is on a 2.5 acre lot. It is on the edge of the Plumas National Forest. We have a security fenced in back yard with 100 foot trees providing shade. We love our patio during the summer so that we can enjoy nature as it was intended. Last fall a Mexican family moved in next to us. Their house is approx. 600 ‘ from our patio the redwood security fence is about half way between (300′). There are many trees between our property line.
    10/10/10 I was on our patio enjoying the sun all by myself. Suddenly I heard someone yelling at me to “get some clothes on” I looked everywhere but could not see anyone. I was ordered again to get some clothes on now! I knew by the sound it was coming from our new neighbors but could not see anyone. Then the voice said “we can see you through the fence and we can not allow our children to see you walking around in your yard, our children are being tramatized knowing you are over there naked. I then informed them they wouldn’t be having a problem if they were not looking through the fence and standing on a 8’ ladder to look over the fence!
    They called the police and I was ordered to never be in my back yard or on our patio including our spa naked again or criminal child endangerment charges will be filed against us.
    My partner and I moved here and have taken great measures to insure we can enjoy the summer natural as God intended. Our constitutional freedoms are being taken away because of this Mexican family living in California. They are using our freedoms against us and there is nothing I can to to fight this injustice.
    Pray for this Country!!!

  7. Erich Schuttauf says:


    Terry Justice and I at the AANR office very much appreciated talking with you about your situation yesterday (10/14/10). We will be forwarding on the materials we discussed as well. Situations like yours are the very REASON AANR EXISTS. You should always be able to enjoy nudity within your home and the privacy of your fenced yard. Let’s work on this one together!

    – Erich Schuttauf
    AANR Executive Director

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