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2010 Candidate for AANR-WC–David Jackson


Member Trustee David Jackson

AANR-Western Canada

 Home club/associate:

Prairie Suns Nudist Club


Candidate background:

I have been a nudist at heart all my life, and a member of AANR/ASA for almost 20 years (and an Elite Life member for the past couple of years). I have served as the president of my club, president of my region, and as an AANR Trustee on two separate occasions. I have been an advocate for social nudism in the print media and in television interviews.

Candidate statement:

AANR is facing some unique challenges at this point in time. There is a critical need for us to fully embrace all of the opportunities the internet has to offer, while still providing services to those of our members who either do not utilize the internet, or prefer to receive materials in hardcopy and via snail mail. Meanwhile, the need for AANR to protect its members and clubs is as critical as ever. I would like to continue to serve the interests of Western Canadian nudists, and indeed, all nudists by working to strengthen AANR.

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