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2012 AANR Voter’s Guide–Club Trustee Group 1 & 2

(Voters will select up to two candidates from Group 1 & 2)

Name: Van Bradley

Home club: Lake Como Co-op Inc.


General Manager, Lake Como Co-op Inc. since 2001

Directly responsible to Lake Como Co-op, Inc. (not-for-profit) Board of Directors (BoD); manage, enforce BoD directives; manage, administer budget/approved contracts; solicit, analyze, compare bids; negotiate agreements for BoD execution

Community Association Manager’s license – Department of Business and Professional Regulation

Length of membership: I have been AANR member since 1999

Background: Triangle Services Inc., Norfolk, VA/Tampa, FL – Regional Branch Manager 1989-2001

Norwalk Community College, Business Management

20+ years upper management directing 250+ employees; 7+ years managing volunteers

Candidate Statement:

When former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley attacked our club for hosting a summer camp for nudist kids, AANR and their Government Affairs Team launched a successful defense.  I was part of this effort and learned from the inside out the value of this noble organization.

Protecting family nude recreation is in my blood and I am determined to make as many contributions to this beloved American tradition as I can.  It would be an honor to serve the organization that works long and hard every day so that our families can enjoy wholesome, clothes-free recreation well into the future.



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