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2012 AANR Voter’s Guide–Club Trustee Group 3

Name:  Kathy Watzel

Home Club:  Mountain Air Ranch


AANR/regional/club offices held:

Mountain Air Ranch (MAR) Board Member for many years

Past Member of the Membership Committee for MAR

Past Member of the Entertainment Committee for MAR

Assisted with many activities at MAR over a 20-year period

Other not-for-profit board experience:  None

Business/Background experience applicable to position sought: Worked to support husband Bob when he was General Manager of MAR

Length of AANR membership:   Over 20 years

Educational Background: College degree in Education

Candidate Statement:

I am familiar with AANR and am willing to learn what I need to be a good Trustee.  I think it is time for the Rocky Mountains to once again have representation on the AANR Board.  I bring a perspective that is different from those living on either the east or west coast and would like to share my thoughts with others on the board.  I am very much in favor of maintaining a family persona to AANR and will strive to support that point of view.  Please cast your vote for me for Club Trustee from Group 3.


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