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2012 AANR Voter’s Guide–Club Trustee Group 4

(Voters wil select one candidate from Group 4)

Name: Dave Landman

Home club: DeAnza Springs Resort


Owner, DeAnza Springs Resort (15 years)
AANR-West Marketing committee
AANR-West Membership committee
AANR-West Internal Affairs committee

Background: Regional Vice-President of a major mortgage banking firm

Candidate Statement:

I’m Dave Landman, owner of DeAnza Springs Resort in Jacumba, California. I have been on AANR’s management team for the last four years as a trustee and am a past board member of AANR-West. I have served on numerous committees including marketing, membership, and internal affairs. Before my ownership of a 100% AANR club, I was a regional Vice President of a major mortgage banking firm, managing and supervising over 200 employees.

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3 Responses to 2012 AANR Voter’s Guide–Club Trustee Group 4

  1. David Heide says:

    You are running for VP AND trustee? You could be holding two positions at the same time. No conflict of interest?
    How does that work?

    • David Landman says:

      David, I am currently an AANR trustee and had already sent my nomination form in for my re-election as a trustee when I felt it was necessary for me to run for Vice-president. If elected to both positions, I would turn down the election for trustee and remain as vice-president. The person with the next highest number votes would become the trustee. I did it this way because I feel so strongly about AANR and its future that I want to serve in one capacity or the other. I also feel that the team of Spence, Landman and McCloud is the best way to lead AANR to a new and better future.

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