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2012 AANR Voter’s Guide–List of Candidates

Below you will find a list of the candidates running in the 2012 AANR Election with a link to their individual profiles. You will also be able to review the proposed Bylaw amendments you will be voting on.

(All candidates in each group are listed alphabetically.)

Voting Guide and Proposed Bylaw Amendments

Proposed Bylaw Amendments


Brian Spence

Susan Weaver


Dave Landman

Robert Roche


Sharon McLeod

Mary Williamson

Club Trustees

Group 6 & 7

(Select up to two candidates)

Michael (Mike) Parker

Pamela Pelc

Group 5

(Select one candidate)

Peg Kercher

Brenda Spangler

Group 4

(Select one candidate)

Dave Landman

Robert Roche

Group 3

(Select one candidate)

Kathy Watzel

Group 1 & 2

(Select up to two candidates)

Van Bradley

Suzanne Schell

David Utter

Member Trustees


Audrey Weber


Richard Warblow


Harvey Hanna

AANR Northwest

Kathy Smith


Lucy Heide


Tim Mullins

AANR-Western Canada

David Jackson


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