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2012 AANR Voter’s Guide–Officers: Secretary/Treasurer

Name:  Mary Williamson 

Home club/associate:  AANR-East Associate


I have been a member of AANR since 1992 and a life member since 2005.  I was first elected to the ESA Board in 1995 and since then have held numerous positions including director, trustee, chairing the following committees; Legislation, Newsletter editor, Internal Administration, Youth Camp Administrator, Women is Nude Recreation, Singles, and a member of the regional web site committee, finance committee and the reorganization of AANR-East Ad Hoc committee to name a few.  In 2001 I resigned as a director when I was employed as regional secretary/treasurer, the full time position I still hold today.

Candidate Statement:

I am seeking your support for the position of AANR Secretary/Treasurer.  I have 11 years of experience taking minutes and managing financial tracking and accountability for AANR-East, the largest region within AANR.  My years of service to AANR gives me an excellent knowledge of the ruling documents, financial programs, committee structure, and interacting responsibilities of the AANR office, elected officials, and volunteer structure that make up our Association.  My current employment provides me the flexibility to promptly and effectively meet all responsibilities of the job.  I believe I could bring even greater efficiencies to the operations of AANR.


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