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2012 AANR Voter’s Guide–Officers: Vice President

Name: Dave Landman

Home club: DeAnza Springs Resort


Owner, DeAnza Springs Resort (15 years)
AANR-West Marketing committee
AANR-West Membership committee
AANR-West Internal Affairs committee

Business background: Regional Vice-President of a major mortgage banking firm

Candidate statement:

I’m Dave Landman, owner of DeAnza Springs Resort in Jacumba, California. I have been on AANR’s management team for the last four years as a trustee and am a past board member of AANR-West. I have served on numerous committees including marketing, membership, and internal affairs. Before my ownership of a 100% AANR club, I was a regional Vice President of a major mortgage banking firm, managing and supervising over 200 employees. Please visit www.AANR2012.comfor more information.

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2 Responses to 2012 AANR Voter’s Guide–Officers: Vice President

  1. Hi Dave, I have a question for both Vice Presidential Candidates that I’m hoping you can help me with. Many of the positions within AANR are pretty self-explanatory in terms of what the elected official will DO. For me, the position of the Vice President isn’t clear. Can you tell me what the job of the AANR VP entails and how your specific skills make you the best candidate to fulfill the responsibilities within this job description? Thanks!

  2. David Landman says:

    Melissa, The By Laws of AANR state “The Vice-President shall serve as President if the President dies, resigns, or is otherwise unable to perform the duties of his office”. In that regard, I feel I am more than capable of fulfilling the duties of the Presidency as well as being an advisor, if necessary, to the reigning President.

    In my opinion, growth and member retention are the most important isssues facing the leadership of AANR at this time. As owner of DeAnza Springs, one of the largest clubs in AANR, co-founder of Mira Vista in Tucson, and owner of a large portion of a small community in S. California, growth is my speciality. In my past career as vice-president of a major mortgage banking firm, I managed a multi branch operation and grew it into the largest and most profitable region in the Western Division. Also, over the last several Presidencies, the President has asked the Vice-President to become the Internal Affairs Chairman, if this trend continues, I have the experience of being the IA Chair of AANR West.

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