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2012 AANR Voter’s Guide–Officers: Vice President

Name: Robert R Roche  

Club: White Tail Resort

AANR/regional/club offices held:


Trustee (current and 3 previous terms)

Hall of Fame Committee (4 years), Chair 2005

Presidents Advisory Group 2002-2004



President (4 years)

Vice President

Man of the Year

Member of the Year

Lifetime Achievement Award

Other not-for-profit board experience: Director, Virginia Campground Association

Vice president, Virginia Campground Association

Board, Virginia Hospitality & Travel Association

Various Committees, Virginia Hospitality & Travel Association

Business/background experience applicable to position sought: Founder, owner, operator and President of White Tail Resort continuously since 1983

Extensive experience as AANR Trustee and as AANR-East Director, President and Vice President

Length of AANR membership: 29 years, Life Member

Educational background: Certified Park Operator, National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds

AARV National School of RV Park & Campground Management

Candidate statement:

I will use my extensive Nudist, Association, Club Owner and Hospitality Industry experience to help develop AANR as a business Centric Organization dedicated to expansion of membership, meeting AANR Mission Statement goals with a commitment to superior service for family oriented nudists.  I am committed to effective recruitment and retention of Generation X, Y and young families into AANR.

My successful leadership in financial management, membership growth, government affairs and effective public relations are well documented.  My education, association experience and 29 years establishing and growing one of the premier clubs in AANR-East make me uniquely qualified for AANR Vice President.

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2 Responses to 2012 AANR Voter’s Guide–Officers: Vice President

  1. Hi Bob, I LOVE your resort!!! The only problem with White Tail is that it’s not closer to my home!!! Anyway, I have a question for both Vice Presidential Candidates that I’m hoping you can help me with. Many of the positions within AANR are pretty self-explanatory in terms of what the elected official will DO. For me, the position of the Vice President isn’t clear. Can you tell me what the job of the AANR VP entails and how your specific skills make you the best candidate to fulfill the responsibilities within this job description? Thanks!

    • Robert Roche says:


      The Vice President serves as President if the President is unavailable or unable for any reason to perform his duties. The Vice President also performs those duties assigned to him or her by the President.

      My skills and experiences very much make me fully capable of assuming the duties of the President and to perform any tasks assigned to me by the President. This is my 29th year as founder, owner and operator of White Tail Resort, one of the largest and most successful clubs in AANR-East with over 650 members with our largest age group being 36 to 48. White Tail Resort has one of the highest percentage of younger members and children of any club in AANR; these are population segments that AANR as a whole must attract and retain in order to grow.

      Over the years, I have held numerous offices in both AANR and AANR-East. I’m a current AANR Trustee with 3 previous terms. I served on the AANR President’s Advisory Group for 3 years and on the AANR Hall of Fame Committee for 4 years including as Chair in 2005. I have served AANR-East as a Director, as President, as Vice President and as member of the Internal Affairs Committee. I have been a Director and Vice President for the Virginia Campground Association and was a Board member of the Virginia Hospitality & Travel Association where I also served on various committees. In terms of businesses represented and monetary value of those businesses, The Virginia Hospitality & Travel Association is the largest hospitality trade entity in Virginia, with numerous resorts, hotels, campgrounds and restaurants among its membership.

      This extensive Nudist, Association, Club Owner and Hospitality Industry experience will greatly help me focus AANR on operating in an efficient business like manner and expanding membership, with an emphasis on recruiting and retaining younger adults and young families.

      Thank you for writing and your active interest in the candidates and the election process. I do hope to earn your vote.

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