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2014 AANR Voter’s Guide–Club Trustee: Group 3


Name: Lewis M. Dreblow

Home Club/associate: Lake Como Resort and White Thorn Lodge



AANR/regional/club offices held: 3 years as elected Trustee at White Thorn Lodge

Other not-for-profit board experience:

Multiple committee and chairperson roles with former employer; Consultant for a county Head Start Program;

Consultant for a county Health Department

Business/background experience applicable to position sought: 25 years as Head Information Officer at small private church related liberal arts university in Ohio

Length of AANR membership: 22 years

Educational background: Bachelor and Masters from University of Florida

Candidate Statement

Having recently retired to Lake Como, after serving as Trustee for White Thorn, I believe I can continue to contribute to our lifestyle at the national level.

I support traditional nudist/naturist values and always seek to understand all sides of issues before developing a direction of leadership. As evidenced through my website ( I actively support and promote healthy, wholesome participation in the nudist experience. Going forward, I believe that if we want our organization and our clubs to survive we must engage the young adult nudist leaders, be willing to evolve, and embrace change as each new generation emerges.




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2 Responses to 2014 AANR Voter’s Guide–Club Trustee: Group 3

  1. Audrey Weber says:

    You want to be a Club Trustee whose expenses are funded by member dues vs. funds from the clubs that you represent. Do you feel that clubs should have reoccurring dues just as members do vs. a one time fee for clubs? If no, why not? If yes, what will you do to make that change?

  2. Lewis Dreblow says:

    Hi Audrey, great question. As you get to know me I hope you can appreciate that I generally prefer to understand and support what the majority opinion is. I do know that going forward AANR plans to work to reduce/consolidate the Trustee positions. I welcome active discussion and ultimately a vote of the membership on how to approach this task. I do support a reduction in the number of Trustees, however that might occur. Many organizations have different types of memberships, from personal to business and this might be a topic for consideration. I am reminded that we all have a stake in our lifestyle and all mutually benefit from and depend upon each other. As a member of Lake Como, a not-for-profit cooperative, I view myself as more of a member representative, and I wonder if we were to have membership types whether Coop’s deserve a separate category.

    Thank you for your excellent question.

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