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2014 AANR Voter’s Guide–Club Trustee: Group 5


Name: James  Lane

Home club/associate:  Juniper Woods Campground



AANR/regional/club offices held: 

AANR-East – President 4 years, Vice. President 4 years and Director 8 years

Other not-for-profit board experience:

President of Colonial Colony South HOA

Business/background experience applicable to position sought:

Current owner of Juniper Woods Campground, Director for Boston Gas for 10 years and a Senior Manager for Polaroid Corporation for 24 years.

Length of AANR membership:   23 years

Educational background:   Associated Degree Business Administration and

Bachelors Degree Professional Studies

Candidate Statement

While serving as the AANR-East President I set in motion the Governance re-restructure and the Strategic Plan was started and both of these are looked upon as the way to advance AANR-East into the future.  My professional and AANR experience qualifies me to recognize new and better strategies to advance our goals and mission and make AANR stronger and more effective in protecting and enhancing nudist rights.  I have the experience and have shown that I will be a major asset in the future.




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One Response to 2014 AANR Voter’s Guide–Club Trustee: Group 5

  1. Audrey Weber says:

    AANR East made a welcome change in their governance while the national BOD of AANR was reluctant to put forward a change for a membership vote that would have reduced the board and required specific competencies for their BOD candidates. With many of the same people running for the Board do you feel that some of the breakthroughs that AANR East made will be seriously considered by the same old same old at the national level?

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