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2014 AANR Voter’s Guide–Club Trustee: Group 6 and 7


Name: Mike Parker

Home Club: Hidden Springs non-landed club


AANR/Regional/Club Offices held: AANR – Secretary -Treasurer 2000-2004; Trustee

1992-1996, 2012-2014; AANR-NW – President 2006-2010; Vice President 2004-

2006; General Secretary 1989-1992.  Hidden Springs President for over 17 years, newsletter editor for over 30 years.  Held as well as continues to hold other numerous AANR, regional and club committee chairmanships and other elected/appointed positions.

Other not-for-profit board experience: Served (and still serving) in various capacities including President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor, Legislative Director, Education Director, etc. of a number of non-nudist organizations.

Business/background experience applicable to position sought: See my candidate statement.

Length of AANR membership: Member for over 31 years – life member for over 28 years.

Educational background: Attended Portland State College

Combat Infantryman in Vietnam – Awarded Bronze Star medal

Candidate Statement: I have an excellent knowledge of AANR and its history, an ability to read and balance financial statements through actual financial and treasurer work, and demonstrated leadership skills. I have worked in various positions dealing with legislative issues including the AANR Government Affairs Team (GAT) and have written articles on nudism that were published in non-nudist publications.

Nudism is very important to me. After two years of membership, my wife and I became life members.  I have supported AANR, my region and my club continuously since joining. If re-elected, I will continue to serve the organization and its members tirelessly.




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2 Responses to 2014 AANR Voter’s Guide–Club Trustee: Group 6 and 7

  1. Audrey Weber says:

    You have served during a period of membership decline and the vision of AANR has been hard to define. Most people don’t see the value in an AANR membership, how would you describe the value in an AANR membership to someone that you were trying to recruit.

  2. Mike Parker says:

    I imagine you have also belonged to other groups and associations that have shrunken or dissolved over the past four to six years. Younger adults use on-line media messaging to communicate with each other now and many of the older generation are also doing so. Social and advocacy organizations that are not strictly on-line organizations are fading. AANR is also utilizing social media although a lot of “filters” restrict our message.
    The “right to be socially nude” is still not an absolute right. It has been fought over since the late 1920’s in legislatures, councils and courts. While some states enjoy legal nude beaches, public nude bike rides and widely acknowledged landed nudist clubs and resorts, there are others with very strong restrictions and one that still has a ban on anything nudist-related.
    The true value of an AANR membership is in the continuation of our advocacy of the right to be communally nude in a family-oriented situation, in areas where those rights now exist, and especially where they do not.
    Each year, AANR members and volunteers meet hundreds of those representing national, state, county, city, parish and other government entities at conferences and in their offices. We work to inform them of our existence and relevance.
    As a recognized mainstream organization, AANR needs to keep and attract members to continue to continue to fight, if need be, for nudists and naturists, whether affiliated or not.
    Naturally, access to our resorts, landed and non-landed clubs, nude travel opportunities, our award winning publication and other benefits and features of AANR membership are also positive selling points that show why AANR membership is important, even in today’s “on-line” society.

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