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2014 AANR Voter’s Guide–Club Trustee Group 6 and 7

HarrisName: Joan O. Harris



Home Club: Neighborhood Associations of Paradise Lakes (NAPL)

Club offices held:  President, NAPL April 2013 – present, Secretary, NAPL August 2012 – April 2013

Other not-for-profit board experience: Chair of school district United Way campaign, Women’s Leadership Council of United Way, President Nu Chapter Chi Sigma Iota, Secretary, Nu Chapter Chi Sigma Iota, an international professional counselors’ honor society

Business/background experience applicable to position: Director, Paradise Lakes Condominium Association, professional school counselor, district-office level education administrator

Length of AANR membership: 15 years, Premier level since 2012

Educational Background: B.A.- History, Salisbury State University 1988; MSEd. – Counseling, State University of New York at Brockport 1994;` Certificate of Advanced Study – Educational Administration, State University of New York at Brockport, 2001


AANR’s main mission of social nudism advocacy requires that those in leadership positions have strong communication skills and be able to articulate that mission.  As a professional school counselor and school district administrator, my communication skills, both verbal and written, were integral to the successes I enjoyed in my career.

As a resident of a nude community, I live the vision of AANR.  It is my goal to help other nudists to always be able to experience this liberated life.

I have much to contribute to AANR and will appreciate your vote.






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2 Responses to 2014 AANR Voter’s Guide–Club Trustee Group 6 and 7

  1. Audrey Weber says:

    the vision of AANR has been hard to define is it social family nudism, education and advocacy or support of clubs. Most people don’t see the value in an AANR membership, how would you describe the value in an AANR membership to someone that you were trying to recruit since AANR seems to be focused on clubs?

  2. Joan Harris says:

    Audrey: Thank you for your question. It is an important one for AANR to consider.
    Assuming the person I am trying to recruit has already expressed an interest in nudism, here is what I would say:
    The stated vision of AANR encompasses advocacy of, and education about, social and family nudism. As the president of a non-landed club, and a full time resident of a nudist community, I see first-hand the benefits and value of AANR. The recent challenges to nudism during this year’s Florida legislative session provided a great example. AANR got the word out, and existing members responded in force to prevent harmful bills from coming to committee votes. Non-landed clubs and nudists not connected to established resorts and clubs benefit from this kind of protection and activism.
    AANR promotes many recreational opportunities for nudists and clubs definitely are one focus. There are also AANR conventions and meetings throughout the year that bring nudists together to celebrate the freedom of nudism and to meet many like-thinking people. Many people, for work or family reasons cannot be open about their nudism, and membership provides opportunities to develop ties with other nudists who they might otherwise never meet.
    The resources provided by memberships enable AANR’s advocacy and promoting of nudism, and the protection of our ability to enjoy a nudist life.

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