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2014 AANR Voter’s Guide–Member Trustee: AANR-Florida


Name: Marji McNeely

Home Club: The Island Group, Inc.


AANR Regional and club held offices: FANR Director 2001-2002, FANR Women of the Year 2002.

The Island Group, Inc.: Board of Directors 95-2001 and Treasurer 2004-2009.

Business Background: My area of speciality is Digital and Internet Technology. I have been working on the internet since 1994 which included Virtual Reality (VR), streaming video, photography and multimedia.
I have helped produce and create AANR Training videos, consulted AANR with current web, digital practices and planned internet projects in 2014. I have also consulted AANR members with internet and digital usages.

Length of AANR membership: Since 1962, I am a 2nd generation nudist.

Education: 2-Associate Science degrees and 2-Bachelor of Science degrees.

Candidate Statement: AANR is important to promote, maintain and protect our current interests, members and clubs. AANR is a hub for all nudists supporting their nudist lifestyle. I want to help AANR and its clubs grow and maintain their memberships to ensure the freedoms and choices we all have continued to enjoy. I also want to help all members and clubs use technology to their greatest extent while maintaining a practical approach and solution.

There has been no greater time for AANR than now. AANR has many challenges and time will tell how we approach and handle those challenges.  AANR needs a dedicated leadership team that is goal oriented without personal agendas.

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