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2014 AANR Voter’s Guide–Member Trustee: AANR-Midwest


Name: Dan Garringer

Home Club: Cedar Trails Nudist Retreat


AANR/regional/club offices held: Director of AANR-Midwest, three-year term

Other not-for-profit board experience: Hall of Fame Committee and Scholarship Committee for


Business/background experience applicable to position sought: science teacher, elementary principal

Length of AANR membership: 19 years

Educational background: B.A. Bible, M.A. Missions, M.Ed. Leadership, Master of Divinity

Candidate Statement

I am a lifetime member of Cedar Trails Nudist Retreat where I serve as chaplain. Members at Cedar Trails have given me the privilege of performing wedding ceremonies and renewals of vows.  From near the beginning of my experience with AANR, I have attended both regional and national conventions where I have taken an active interest in AANR, its mission, and goals. My experience with the AANR-Midwest Hall of Fame Committee has given me a deep appreciation for those who championed our cause. My wife, Jennifer, and I enjoy participating in volleyball in the Midwest and at Superbowl.




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2 Responses to 2014 AANR Voter’s Guide–Member Trustee: AANR-Midwest

  1. Dan will make a great Trustee for AANR. He has been a great friend and member of Cedar Trails along with his wife Jen. He has been active with AANR for years. He has experienced nudism as a single and as a couple understanding the issues on both sides, as a single and as a couple. Each year he supports the youth through the youth camps and has attended most AANR and Midwest convention. VOTE FOR DAN!

  2. Audrey Weber says:

    The vision of AANR has been hard to define and many people don’t see the value in an AANR membership, how would you describe the value in an AANR membership to someone that you were trying to recruit?

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