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2014 AANR Voter’s Guide–Officers: President


Tim Mullins

Home club/associate: Northern California Exposure & Laguna del Sol



AANR/regional/club offices held:

Current GAT Chair, Member Trustee for AANR-West, Club Treasurer, Secretary and President. Community Awareness Team member

Other not-for-profit board experience: Six year treasurer of business professional association with budget of over $100,000. Also served as President, Second and First VP. Served on the International Board as a Trustee for the Region.

Business/background experience applicable to position sought: I am the current AANR-West Member Trustee and Government Affairs Chair for AANR. I was a four-year member of the AANR Western Region Board as a trustee. AANR-West GAT Chair 3 years

Length of AANR membership: First joined in 1990. Joined with NCE in 2002

Educational background: Bachelor of Arts, CSU-Northridge. Numerous Information Technology Courses

Candidate Statement

AANR’s mission (is) “To advocate nudity and nude recreation in appropriate settings while educating and informing society of their value and enjoyment.”

As President I will work to foster a closer working relationship with the other nudists organizations holding our values. As Government Affairs Chair I have demonstrated the ability to strategize and lead us to effect political change that promotes and protects nude recreation. I have the skills and leadership experience to act on that mission in the capacity of your President, and ask for your votes to move AANR forward.




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31 Responses to 2014 AANR Voter’s Guide–Officers: President

  1. Jasen says:

    Tim, what do you feel are “appropriate settings”? One criticism AANR has faced is that it is overly focused on the resorts and does not advocate for nude recreation on public lands or to bolster social nudity in the culture at large.

    • Tim Mullins says:

      I take a pretty broad view of appropriate settings. As GAT Chair I was one of the first people to contact the San Francisco Board of Supervisors about their proposed nudity ban. Once nudity is allowed in a setting, taking it away seems to me to be a pretty drastic response.
      I testified before the committee urging the Board to keep the nudity permission in place. San Francisco had even passed an ordinance that required nudists to use a towel to sit upon when using public spaces, something we nudists see as appropriate behavior. San Francisco still allows nudity at permitted events and most of their beaches.
      On public lands we have continued to push for signage to designate those areas where nude recreation is appropriate. As AANR President I will continue that push for designation and signage to let others know nude use is an appropriate activity. We support the public nude beach initiatives that have been proposed and we are actively involved in getting language into the General Management Plans for Federal designation at several beaches.

  2. Bob Campbell says:

    Tim, you are running for two offices in this election. What will you do if you should be elected to both?

    • Tim Mullins says:

      I’m running for President, no other candidate stepped forward for Member Trustee from AANR-West. In the event I am the successful candidate for both offices the responsibility for designation of AANR Member Trustee will fall to AANR-West. Patty Faber has indicated when I am President she will take action to make sure the AANR West Member Trustee position is filled by another viable representative.

  3. David Heide says:

    If elected, would you encourage and support an AANR donation to the Nudist Rights Coalition (PAC)?

    If your response is affirmative, how would you respond to the AANR members who are adamant that they do not want any of their dues money being donated to this PAC?

    • Tim Mullins says:

      David, if you are asking specifically about the NRC PAC with a general donation from AANR, the answer would be no; however, there is no simple answer to the questions you have posed. It is important to recognize that PACs are a reality of today. Every entity wishing to be part of the legislative educational process uses them, from churches to teachers to cause organizations. I would speculate that by the end of the next decade there may be multiple PACs that would have relevance to nudist organizations such as AANR, TNS, etc. We will have to see what resources are the most valuable tools in defending our rights.

      We have an on-going issue in Florida where a third party might be an avenue AANR would want to use to support fighting legislation. The venue we would use would need to be based on an analysis of how we could create the biggest impact on affecting legislation, not necessarily whether members support or oppose a potential partner although that would be a consideration. Talking with our lobbyists in various states and dealing with various legislative challenges guide us in what resources will be most useful to meeting our goals. Such professional guidance would naturally be important to any person wishing to successfully defeat anti-nudity legislation.
      The bottom line would have to be what is in the best interest of AANR. As a general principal I feel we need to reach out to like-minded organizations to effect change that helps nudist’s rights. We cannot limit ourselves based on personal bias but look at situations as a whole.

    • GAry Mussell says:

      David, by law AANR cannot contribute dues to a PAC. AANR is a 501c7 and the PAC is a 501c4. AANR risks losing its tax exempt status if it sends any money there. Legally you cannot have the same people on the letterhead, nor have the same mailing address. Any money going to a PAC must come from voluntary donations solicited separately, not even in an AANR envelope. All these IRS hearings in Washington are in part about political groups co-mingling funds and people and getting into trouble and being investigated. I am sure Tim, as GAT chair, is aware of these legal hurdles and will make sure both AANR and the PAC are protected.

  4. David Heide says:

    I fear I do not understand your response to my previous question. I am more of a “yes” or “no” type person. I have no use for Washington DC political type responses.

    Now this one will require more than yes or no.
    AANR membership is declining. The reason is members, (and prospective members) see little or no value or reason to renew or join. The idea that AANR protects the rights of people to be nude, advocates, educates, etc. is meaningless and people see little or value in this. That does not sell, and in my opinion, no matter how it is packaged, will not sell.
    If elected, what would you do to make membership something to be desired, coveted,sought after?

    • Tim Mullins says:

      I agree with you that some nudists are not enthusiastic about AANR membership, but that is because much of the advocacy and education work the Association does is behind the scenes and not readily visible to them.

      As your elected President, I will work with our lobbyist to develop strategic plans that will address the recent changes in the way our political system works as a result of Citizens United and our highly polarized political environment. These plans will provide for developing proactive working relationships with key legislators and government agencies so that the Association is well-prepared to deal with threats to our freedoms before the threats become realities.

      AANR is the only organization with a long-range strategic vision and plan to establish nude recreation as a civil right. It will not occur overnight, any more than any other social change becomes blessed by law in a short period of time. Moving social change to social acceptance to the social norm to legally sanctioned and protected will require all the resources of a strong AANR. I believe that people will follow and support an organization that clearly defines its goals and mission and demonstrates progress in achieving them.

      These relationships will also enable us to recognize and exploit subtle opportunities to expand our freedoms and opportunities for public land usage. I will redirect the Association’s resources and assets as necessary to make these plans work effectively.

      When they can see the results of the Association’s work and how it benefits them, I am confident many nudists will be more enthusiastic and want to join and support the Association’s work. Meanwhile, the clubs provide the enjoyable nudist experience, and if you talk to any of the professional businessmen who own these clubs, such as Dave Landman and Suzanne Schell, they will tell you that AANR is critical to their success and they will continue to promote and support AANR in every way they can.

  5. David Heide says:

    Tim, I am not trying to be a trouble maker, or be argumentative. I just do not know much about you, what your goals for AANR are, how you would implement them. My goal is to “know” the person who wants my vote.

    I had pointed out that advocacy, education, government affairs, and all the other fine efforts of AANR has little meaning to present members or prospective new members. I think your response was that you would enhance and re-energize the existing efforts, the ones that have little or no perceived value to members.
    A short while back, we were visiting an AANR chartered club. We met a couple of club members. I asked them if they were AANR members. They responded “yes”. I asked them why they were. The response was, because we have to be to belong to the club. I asked them what benefit they receive from their AANR membership, what does AANR do for them. They responded “nothing”. I asked if they received the bulletin. The answer was yes. Do you read it, the answer was “very little or not at all”. Do you ever visit the AANR web site, the answer was no. This I fear is typical of many. Nudist just want to left alone.
    If clubs did not require AANR membership, what would the impact be to the membership count? Just think if AANR membership was something that people valued, chased after like a new version of Iphone, or name brand sneakers, what would our membership numbers be like? I view that as the goal you are facing.
    So much of the problem is communication? What ideas do you have here? Since the removal of “Club Happenings”, many members do not read the Bulletin, or just skim it. The web site? The e-bulletin? I have no knowledge, but the “effect” of news from these (if read) seems to be ignored.

    Your response to my question would change none of this. I fear membership numbers would continue to decline.
    The idea of promoting nudism as a civil right would need to be handled with the utmost delicacy. Such comments from the present administration has caused great concern among many long time members. Many do not want to be associated with an organization that would publicly advocate for nudity as a civil right, the way that various other groups have undertaken. In my opinion, this could back fire in a big way.

    You mention the large clubs such as owned by Dave Landman and Susan Schell. Have you communicated with the small clubs? The ones in the small regions? Recently, one such club returned their charter and another that I know of is considering it. They see no value to having an AANR charter. I had hear about an effort to force all clubs to be 100%. How many more clubs are we willing to loose?

    If elected, I want to see you succeed in a big way. I want to see AANR take of like a rocket. Give me something that will convince me you are the person with the vision and leadership qualities to make this happen.

    I’m sorry. This has turned out to be more of a rant, but I assure you I speak for many.

    • Tim Mullins says:

      David – For someone who says you don’t know about the effectiveness of the website you are sure taking advantage of the venue.

      I can’t agree with a number of your statements and your assessment of the current state of the majority of AANR members. Especially your assertion ‘(that) advocacy, education, government affairs, and all the other fine efforts of AANR has little meaning to present members or prospective new members.’ I believe these are essential to the future of AANR.

      The President is only one of the members of AANR but accepts the responsibility for building a program with other committed members to enhance AANR’s mission.

      The removal of the Club Happenings and the reduction of the print Bulletin mirrors what is happening at club levels and in the print media in general. Even the local TV station has a website with local happenings here in my area. Those are decisions that were made by the Executive Office and may not be directly related to the President but if I thought bringing back the club happenings to the print Bulletin would help increase membership I would be supportive of that effort, but I would want to see a cost benefit analysis of it.

      I’m troubled by the membership losses but encouraged by the responses we are getting in our new public relations efforts. I think Government Affairs and outreach are the two areas where we will stand the best chance of finding that magic product the next generation of nudists will flock to, if in fact such a product exists. I do not live under some delusion that I can do this on my own, leadership still requires followers who share a vision of a better experience through our combined efforts. We could just sit back and complain we don’t like something, but that does nothing to fix the problem. We need to work to make our cause known and understood.

      I’m running for President because I want to move AANR forward to greater acceptance of nude recreation by the hard work of the Executive Office and the countless volunteers who have committed to the educational projects and outreach efforts we have made and will continue to make in the future. We need to step up our outreach efforts to venues where the next generation of nudists are now, the colleges, sporting events, WNBRs, Earth Day festivals, places where we are most likely to find those with an open mind to nude recreation and an understanding that freedom is not always free and does take some effort.

      AANR is a nonprofit, member driven organization, we need to do a much better job of showing our members what we have achieved in the past only through our efforts that gives them the freedom to be nude in a great many places where they simply could not be without the prior efforts. We need to continue these efforts into the future for the sake of those like myself who want to continue to have places to go nude both on private and public lands.

    • Jasen says:

      David, I appreciate you engaging Tim in discussion and trying to get an understanding of where he would lead AANR.

      The example couple you provide only shows that they are ignorant and unengaged. Unfortunately, a large percentage of many organizations – churches, NRA, US Sailing, AARP, etc. – are similarly disengaged. I’ve heard it said, 20% of the people do 80% of the work. In light of this general apathy amongst people in general, AANR has to fund itself, and mandatory membership at clubs/resorts seems a reasonable way to do that.

      Tim seems focused on making AANR work within the political system. I have mixed feelings on this. On the one hand, it might work. On the other hand, I think the current political system is rife with corruption and distasteful chicanery. Should AANR embrace that corrupt system? Or are there other approaches that would also be effective in advancing nude recreation?

  6. Shirley Gauthier says:


    I am not the AANR member that the above David Heide writes about. I am a proud card carrying AANR member that values my AANR membership. My AANR membership provides me with excellent tools I need as a member to support the AANR elected officers, promote nude recreation within my community and access valuable information via the internet.

    Our elected AANR officers are not capable of success without membership support. “We” are AANR and “we” are accountable for creating change. What are your expectations for me as a member to support AANR going into the future?

    Shirley Gauthier

    • Tim Mullins says:

      Shirley – I think your experience, like mine, as a member of a smaller club and your continuing efforts to make a difference for nude recreation without a label on it are what AANR needs.

      Your efforts in the Northwest and with the GAT team have been grass roots efforts. Paying more attention to how the small clubs have been successful is key to our growth in the future. Ideas like your effort to get the tires removed from Glassbar Island State Park help bring nudist activists attention.

  7. Bob Brown says:

    Both of our presidential candidates are Westerners. Who should a So Cal nudist vote for?

    I’d sure like to have a government-approved nudist beach in Ventura County.

    Bob Brown

    • Tim Mullins says:

      Bob – I’d like your vote as a committed former SoCal nudist. Your group SCNA is one that we have supported through GAT and AANR-West to help get that nude beach back in Ventura County. When I lived in that area there were still a couple of spots you could go skinny dipping but the official designation has been something SCNA has taken a strong lead in bringing back.

      Bates Beach on the Ventura Santa Barbara County line is probably the best chance we will have of gaining a clothing optional beach south of the official one in San Luis Obispo County at Pirates Cove. As President I would continue to support those efforts.

  8. David Heide says:

    Thank you for the exchange Tim. I believe I have what I need.
    I will go away now and be quite.
    You know, your style of communication/writing seems to have changed recently. If you were not an honorable man, I would suspect Susan of offering much of what I have read.

    • Tim Mullins says:

      David – I am an honorable man and write quite a bit, I have a monthly column in the Bulletin and try to employ styles that stay refreshing. I hope to continue that style as your president. Also I think you meant quiet, not quite.

  9. Stan says:

    What is your stance on married men joining a resort even if their wife is not at all interested in nude recreation, but does not object to it?

    • Tim Mullins says:

      Stan – This is an issue for the clubs, not AANR and it should not be seen as a male issue but rather a spouse issue. The policy adopted has to be partner neutral on their admissions policy. If the couple is in agreement on what spouse joins what club for social activities then that is between them and the club.

  10. Karen Lahey says:

    I have perceived that our organization has splintered into different camps or blocks. We have a great many of important issues to address. If you are elected president, what specific steps will you take to help mend this rift so that we can work together to get our crucial work done.

    • Tim Mullins says:

      Karen – I think the things that we disagree on are small compared to the larger issues of moving AANR forward on the major efforts of widening nudist acceptance and protecting our right to nude use in those areas where we already have acceptance. We have a new Executive Director and I think how he moves into the role as ED will help shape the communication over the next two years of the elected President’s term. I agree with Bev’s response to you on this question that Honest Communication will be critical to moving forward.

      I plan to work closely with the ED and the staff as well as the other elected officers of the organization to move us away from internal squabbles and focus on the issues that are hurting us in our efforts to build membership and external support for nudists rights.

  11. Bob Brown says:

    Dear Tim,

    With the recent energetic episode surrounding Donald Sterling, the issue of LGBTQ (lesbian gay bisexual transgender queer) and AANR came to mind.

    Any thoughts on what AANR can do to invite everyone to join the journey to human wholeness and the unity of diversity?

    Bob Brown

    • Tim Mullins says:

      Bob – AANR should be welcoming to all members who espouse our ideals regardless of sexual orientation, race, religion, sex or disability. The clubs I have been to welcome diversity among their guests and I support that position.

  12. David Heide says:

    I thought I was done, but you made a comment that you, or AANR has a long-range strategic vision and plan to establish nude recreation as a civil right. This caught me by surprise. Would you share it please?

    • Tim Mullins says:

      One of the strategic goals President Weaver asked GAT to take up was the Nudism as a Civil Rights issue. This has been a planning item for the Executive Office for about three years but has not had a lot of activity since the departure of the last Executive DIrector. I would think it will come up again under the new ED.

      • David Heide says:

        So it is fair to say that at present there is no long-range strategic vision and plan to establish nude recreation as a civil right.

  13. Korky Day says:

    I have read all that the candidates for this office have offered and all the readers’ comments. I still have no clear preference because both candidates seem so good. Is there some important difference between you 2, or do we voters just go on a hunch who would do a better job?

    • Tim Mullins says:

      Korky – I am running because I think it is time to move AANR forward.
      We have been through a lot of changes these last few years and I have seen some progress in fostering closer cooperation with the other nudists organizations and reaching out to non members to explain why AANR is important to protecting, promoting and expanding nudists opportunities.
      Internally we need to have a message of commitment in promoting the mission of AANR, that is why I quoted it in my candidates statement. I feel I am the better candidate to help move us forward as we continue to push for greater nudist acceptance.

  14. Audrey Weber says:

    I will pose the same question to you that I posed to your opponent. AANR is funded by member dues, the clubs pay a one time fee to be AANR, yet they have 7 seats on the board and their travel expenses are paid by member dues, not by the clubs they represent. Not all nudists are club members either because a club is not close to them or they can’t afford membership or day fees that are required to support the infrastructure that a club requires. Why isn’t AANR more involved in access for nudists to public lands that our tax dollars are already paying for. What would you do as President to help us who like the seashore vs. a cement pond. If I don’t go to clubs what does my AANR membership get me if you were to be elected president?

    • Tim Mullins says:

      Audrey – You are bringing up two different issues, board structure and advocacy, both deserve attention. As you are aware Board structure is an on-going issue for AANR, I see that examination continuing into the next administrative year. The Board make-up should provide equal representation opportunities for all member classes regardless of club affiliation.

      My Government Affairs efforts have been focused on public land access for nude use. The Public Relations efforts have also been looking at public land access. I see those efforts continuing in my administration. Acceptance of nudist as another member of the public with the right to use public lands designated for their use like other designations should be our goal. Off-roaders, climbers, conservationist, and hunters among others all have designated parks or areas; we should be afforded this same opportunity.

      We nudists need to make it known we want our tax dollars used to support our lifestyle. It is our responsibility as individuals to let our legislators know what we want in terms of recreational opportunities. AANR is a conduit to shape the message but without people willing to step forward and say they want access they can’t expect AANR to take care of it while they just sit back.

      AANR should be the leader in fighting for more land use designations. The club owners I have talked to feel skinny-dipping, nude beaches and hot springs are where a majority of their members started their nudist experiences. I feel it is our responsibility to protect and grow that access. We are actively involved right now in several areas with protecting and expanding nude use on public lands.

      Our members should feel we support them regardless of where they practice nude recreation. Here in California our Parks system is looking at partnerships to help expand the use of the parks. AANR should be a partner they can look to for support in this effort as long as we get access in return. AANR’s advocacy efforts needed to be better marketed so others are aware that we are for wholesome nude use both in private parks and on public lands. Our current efforts will continue as your President.

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