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2014 AANR Voter’s Guide–Officers: President


Beverly B. Price

Arizona Wildflowers




  • AANR Legislation Chair
  • AANR West President/Secretary/Treasurer
  • AANR Education Foundation President
  • Callen-Davis Memorial Fund Director
  • Registered Lobbyist for AANR in Arizona
  • Founder and CFO of Nude Defense Fund of Arizona
  • Co-founder of Arizona Wildflowers, AANR Club 1980 – 2014


Education and Career:


  • BA/MA, Secondary Education (Mathematics); MA Psychology and Counseling
  • Twenty-seven years teaching high school
  • Twenty-five years of teaching community college courses in nudism



  • AANR member since 1971, life-long nudist
  • Planned and led numerous nude activities for over 35 years.


I advocate for nude recreation, I’m a lobbyist.  I educate about nude recreation, I teach classes on the subject.  But when we forget our name, we forget what attracts folks to social nudism and convinces them to continue to seek it.

Our name says Nude Recreation.  It is supposed to be fun, even when we are advocating and educating.  Whatever you enjoy doing the most, you can enjoy in the nude.  Cast your vote for me, Bev Price, for President and I’ll do my very best to PUT THE FUN BACK INTO AANR.






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28 Responses to 2014 AANR Voter’s Guide–Officers: President

  1. Bob Campbell says:

    Bev, you say you want to put the Fun back into AANR. What sort of initiatives would you see being implemented on an Association wide basis to make this happen?


  2. Bev Price says:

    Bob, AANR itself cannot and does not provide the “fun” that belonging to a nudist organization should be. It is merely the platform on which the clubs, businesses, and various other entrepreneurs can find support for their ventures. The fun lies in the doing. AANR’s job is to help protect this fun and to provide the members with the conduit to find this fun. I would initiate better communication and cooperation among ALL nudist venues to create opportunities for nudists to safely (and legally) practice nudism and enjoy their membership in AANR.

  3. David Heide says:

    Much has been made about this PAC, the Nudists Rights Coalition. Do you support or oppose contributions to this PAC with AANR funds?

    • Bev Price says:

      David, as much as I am in favor of AANR advocating in a government venue, I cannot support the formation of a PAC (the NRC) by someone basically unknown to AANR. I believe that it is illegal for a 501(c)7 [such as AANR] to contribute any support whatsoever to what should be a non-connected PAC. And until I know exactly where my dollars will be used, I cannot contribute personal funds to such a venture either. Does this mean I don’t contribute? On the contrary, I contribute many hours and dollars to fighting for nudists, both in the Arizona State House and in Washington DC.

  4. David Heide says:

    As we are all very aware, AANR membership is declining. I’ve posed four questions. Hope this is OK?

    1. What do you think AANR needs now? (What is your vision for AANR?)
    2. What do you think AANR needs to do to prepare for the future?
    3. What is needed to do these things (in #1 and #2)?
    4. How would you employ the talents of the VP to achieve these?

  5. Bev Price says:

    David, I will respond just the way you asked the questions.
    1. I think AANR needs to get back to its roots where clubs, members, regions, and AANR all work together in harmony for the good of the Association. No one person has all the answers, and I will reach out to everyone I know (including you) to help answer this question.
    2. I think AANR needs to stick to the basics but be flexible in adapting to the way the future shapes up. Who would have guessed in the 80s that we’d be using FaceBook to reach out to potential members?
    3. I believe that AANR needs a strong leader who is willing to reach out to others for their expertise, who will play fair, who can motivate all of the principal players to work together and who can adapt to changes quickly and easily.
    4. I have only just begun to tap my (hopefully) VPs resources. She will be kept busy putting her marketing skills, her writing skills and her speaking skills to good use.

  6. David Heide says:

    How do you want members and clubs to perceive AANR?
    (Many members are such because the club requires them to be.)
    (Many clubs feel used by AANR and see little value in their affiliation.)

    Are there obstacles that impede AANR’s progress toward its goals? Please elaborate.

    What is the boards role in the governance of AANR? It is possible that the board may disagree, vote against an item that you as President strongly supports. How would you handle that situation?

    • Shirley Gauthier says:

      Hi David,

      I have enjoyed reading your posts and questions. Your broad sweep of members not realizing the value of their AANR membership points out a problem that truly needs addressed. Perhaps we do not promote the value of a membership as strongly as we should to educate and raise awareness.

      It would be difficult for me to lobby on behalf of or promote nude recreation if I did not have a national organization behind me with the support. Our memberships are so inexpensive that it is difficult for me to understand anyone questioning the value.

      Shirley Gauthier

    • Bev Price says:

      I would like to have members and clubs perceive AANR as just one more ally in maintaining nude recreation for all of us. I am often ask whether I am “for the clubs, or for the members.” One cannot be for one without being for the other. The clubs need members, the members need clubs, both need AANR (perhaps for a whole variety of reasons)and AANR needs both. It was Benjamin Franklin, nudist, statesman and signer of the US Declaration of Independence who said, “We must all hang together or most assuredly, we will all hang separately.”

      Yes, I am certain that there are obstacles that will impede AANR, but before I can elaborate, I need to know what goals we are attempting to reach. For several years AANR has not done any strategic planning/defining of goals. This process needs to be in place BEFORE you determine the obstacles and how to overcome them.

      The Board IS governance. It is the board which, by majority vote, determines the direction that AANR will take. The president has no vote (except to make or break a tie) for good reason. I will always support the majority. It is called democracy.

  7. Shirley Gauthier says:

    Hi Bev,

    In answer to David Heide you wrote ” She will be kept busy putting her marketing skills, her writing skills and her speaking skills to good use.” Are we to assume you endorse Sharon McLeod for VP? If so can you explain why?

    I believe I can learn a lot about a candidate by those they endorse.

    Shirley Gauthier

    • Bev Price says:

      Shirley, the other two candidates for president and vice president are running on a single ticket. Sharon and I are running independent of each other. Every candidate has both strengths and weaknesses. I have not requested (nor given) any endorsements. I think Sharon and I can work effectively together if we are both elected.

  8. Bob Brown says:

    Both of our presidential candidates are Westerners. Who should a So Cal nudist vote for?

    I’d sure like to have a government-approved nudist beach in Ventura County.

    Bob Brown

  9. Bev Price says:

    Bob, I think a So Cal nudist should vote for the candidate of his/her choice. If I were not confident of my abilities to lead AANR, I would not have tossed my hat in the ring. I suspect that the other Westerner feels the same way. I believe I have a wider perspective of what AANR needs to do. Although I believe in the importance of advocacy in Government Affairs within AANR, it is not my entire focus.

    Yes, I agree, I’d like to have a government-approved nudist beach in Ventura County. But why stop there? Let’s put nude B&Bs in every town, let’s have nude hot springs in every state/province that has hot springs, and let’s have dozens more clubs in strategic locations all around North America!! Well, if you don’t dream big, you don’t accomplish big.

  10. David Heide says:

    Democracy? The majority rules? How refreshing.
    Thank you.

  11. Stan says:

    What is your stance on married men joining a resort if their wife is not interested in nude recreation?

  12. Bev Price says:

    Stan, this is a decision for the individual club, not AANR. However, I think the primary issue is honesty. If the man is honest about the situation, it should cause no reason for alarm. I own/operate a club and I encourage men to let me try to persuade the wife, but I have made exceptions. I also run the Grand Canyon Nude Raft Trips and a lot of women — nude recreation aside — just don’t want to handle the primitive conditions in the Canyon. So, again, exceptions are made.

  13. Karen Lahey says:

    I have perceived that our organization has splintered into different camps or blocks. We have a great many of important issues to address. If you are elected president, what specific steps will you take to help mend this rift so that we can work together to get our crucial work done.

  14. Bev Price says:

    Karen, the answer to your question is at the bottom of my campaign poster. You may access it at The only hope we have for repair is:

    Honesty, Transparency, and Good Two-way Communication.

    I don’t have all the answers, but I can tell the truth, ask for help and listen closely to the answers that I get. Someone in AANR will have the answers we are looking for and together we will mend.

  15. Bob Brown says:

    Hi Bev,

    With the recent energetic episode surrounding Donald Sterling, the issue of LGBTQ (lesbian gay bisexual transgender queer) and AANR came to mind.

    Any thoughts on what AANR can do to invite everyone to join the journey to human wholeness and the unity of diversity?

    Bob Brown

  16. Bev Price says:

    Bob, I have been an AANR (ASA) nudist long enough to have seen the evolution from
    “no alcohol allowed on the grounds” to “stop by the club bar for a drink.”
    I was here when body piercings and tattoos were pretty much forbidden at AANR Clubs.
    I can recall the “nude or not at all” mentality of many clubs in the past.
    I can also remember when a same-sex couple would have been totally frowned upon.
    So things change over time and much of what was forbidden is now accepted and encouraged. We can continue in a positive direction, but I’m not sure that AANR’s invitation is going to be the trigger that allows us, as Rodney King said, to “. . . all get along.”

  17. Korky Day says:

    I have read all that the candidates for this office have offered and all the readers’ comments. I still have no clear preference because both candidates seem so good. Is there some important difference between you 2, or do we voters just go on a hunch who would do a better job?

  18. Bev Price says:

    Korky, I believe there is a lot of difference. Tim is a good person and a good Government Affairs chair, but he lacks the experience that I have had with leadership in AANR. I believe what AANR needs right now is a well diversified leader who can listen to all sides of any question and follow the will of the majority in carrying out the answers to those questions. In several years, I think Tim will be able to do just that. Right now, I believe I am better qualified for the position. I will appreciate your vote.

  19. Audrey Weber says:

    AANR is funded by member dues, the clubs pay a one time fee to be AANR, yet they have 7 seats on the board and their travel expenses are paid by member dues, not by the clubs they represent. Not all nudists are club members either because a club is not close to them or they can’t afford membership or day fees that are required to support the infrastructure that a club requires. Why isn’t AANR more involved in access for nudists to public lands that our tax dollars are already paying for. What would you do as President to put the “FUN” into those of us who like the seashore vs. a cement pond. If I don’t go to clubs what does my AANR membership get me if you were to be elected president?

    • Bev Price says:

      Audrey, many of the answers you seek are already contained in previous responses in this blog. I do not consider myself the “answer” to all of AANR´s problems. I merely seek to help unify the board and get us all headed in approximately the same direction — by democratic means. I fail to see why you believe that AANR is not involved in access to public lands. I have utilized public lands for over three decades to provide recreation — yes, FUN — for nudists from all over the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Your AANR membership will certainly get you two things — insurance against prosecution, should that become necessary, and the ability to be aware of the opportunities available to AANR members, whether in clubs or on public lands.

      I will appreciate your vote.

  20. William Snider says:

    OK, I have been with AANR/ASA since 1986 and I have never voted. Now I know why. The process appears to be a bit complicated. How do we vote? I downloaded a voters guide for NO MAIL, and I am a mail recipient. Is there a ballot in my Bulletin – I travel and have not opened it yet. I see no place to actually vote on line! This voting procedure seems pretty complicated and if Members log on shows I am indeed who I claim to be, why isn’t there a simple link to vote?

  21. admin says:

    Hi William, This is Lynn from the AANR office. Thank you for your comments. We will be reviewing the process to determine if there are ways to make voting more user friendly in the future. If you need help in the specifics of how to vote online or by mail ballot, please call Catherine Hendrickson at the AANR office for assistance at 800-879-6833.

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