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2014 AANR Voter’s Guide–Officers: Vice President


Name: Robert R. Roche 

Club: White Tail Resort


AANR/regional/club offices held:


Vice President


Hall of  Fame Committee





Vice President


Other not-for-profit board experience:

Director & Vice President, Virginia Campground Association

Board and various committees, Virginia Hospitality & Travel Association


Business/background experience applicable to position sought:

Founder and operator of  White Tail Resort t continuously since 1983


Length of AANR membership:

31 years, life member


Educational background:

Certified Park Operator, National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds

AARV National School of RV Park & Campground Management


Candidate statement:

I will my extensive Nudist, Association, Resort Owner and Hospitality Industry experience to help develop AANR as a Business Centric Organization dedicated to expansion of membership, meeting AANR Mission Statement goals, and fostering a strong commitment to superior service for family-oriented nudists.  I am committed to effective recruitment and retention of Generation X, Y and young families.

My successful leadership in financial management, membership growth, government affairs and public relations are well documented.  My education, association experience and 30 years establishing and growing one of the premier clubs in AANR-East make me uniquely qualified for AANR Vice President.



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12 Responses to 2014 AANR Voter’s Guide–Officers: Vice President

  1. Bob Campbell says:

    Bob, you say you will develop (read “convert”) AANR as a business Centric Organization. How does an organization that is concentrating its efforts in redirecting its focus to business maintain its existing structure as a membership based Association? Since our members are individuals not businesses/clubs how can we become business oriented and continue to serve our members?

  2. David Heide says:

    In the past three plus years, to some, the role of the VP appears to be “seat warmer”.

    If elected, how do you envision your role as VP? What would you contribute to organization?

  3. Bob Roche says:


    I believe that the purpose of AANR is to protect the rights of nudists to enjoy this lifestyle in a sate and enjoyable environment. At present, many of the affiliated clubs are the primary source for this type of service. Many clubs are experiencing financial difficulties in today’s economy and struggling to remain in existence. It is very important that we function as a business and emulate the sound practices we would like the clubs to embrace. As the vice-president I would like to help move the focus of AANR to a business oriented leadership. I believe our current emphasis on internal politics, rather than the business of providing for the rights of our members, is inhibiting our progress. I will focus on the importance of building a business centered organization that will serve our present and future generations of nudists. I don’t believe that the fact that we are a member organization dictates our needs for operating as a stable business, as this is a requirement even for not-for-porfit groups.


  4. Bob Roche says:


    I do not believe that this position is confined to the role of “seat warmer”. I believe that the role of the vice-president is defined by the needs and leadership style of the person in the president’s position. When the ticket was being formulated for this election, Tim Mullins and I stepped forward as a team. We agreed to work together to provide leadership for AANR and plan to make the role between our two positions more collaborative. This is a large organization with a huge job to be done. Our shift now needs to move from convincing the general public that nudism is acceptable (network TV seems to be running the lead on that) to making sure that all of our members who wish to participate can do so in clubs and resorts that embrace the ideals of our organization. Tim and I are looking forward to serving and leading together in the very near futurre.


  5. David Heide says:

    I am glad to see that you and Tim would be and operate as a team. Thus I have no problem addressing leadership questions to you also.
    I am not trying to monopolize this Q and A. but I know little about the leadership abilities or qualities about this team. I sure would like to really know who is asking for my vote.

    AANR East past president Jim Lane had expressed a desire for AANR-East to have greater representation on the board due to this region having greater membership numbers. Is this a real concern of this team and an issue that you (Tim and Bob) would address? The various solutions all seem problematic to me. Should the larger regions have more trustees? This then increases the board size, which seems to be contrary to the expressed desire of the existing administration, and would further alienate the smaller very proud and independent regions (where in some have already discussed a form of separation from AANR). Splitting up the big region(s) into several smaller may work, but again increase the number of trustees.
    Your thoughts please.

  6. Shirley Gauthier says:

    Hi Bob,
    I am a lifetime AANR member and first joined the The Willamettans Family Nudist Resort in the early 70’s. I enjoy resorts and value them. I am also a strong advocate for nude recreation on public lands. Reading your profile I see no mention of nude recreation on public lands advocacy. We live in a “use it or loose it” world when it comes to our public beaches, hot springs, national forest campgrounds and hiking trails.

    You wrote ” I will focus on the importance of building a business centered organization that will serve our present and future generations of nudists.” How does recreating nude on public lands fit into your business centered mission for AANR’s future?

    Shirley Gauthier
    Springfield, Oregon

    • Bob Roche says:


      I have always faught to the right to practice nude recreation on public lands, including our own Assateague Beach, here in Virginia/Maryland. I will look forward to this challenge if given the opportunity to provide leadership in the future.

  7. Bob Campbell says:

    Bob, could you please provide a clearer explanation of AANR switching to a business centric organization. How would that differ from the current mode of operation?

    • Bob Roche says:

      Even as a not-for-profit organization, we need to generate enough revenue to meet our obligations and increase our recruitment efforts. In my career as the owner of White Tail, I have had well articulated goals and a business plan for the resort. As such we are growning on a monthly basis. It is my hope to use well established business practices to steamline our spending and avoid unnecessary expenses.

  8. Karen Lahey says:

    I have perceived that our organization has splintered into different camps or blocks. We have a great many of important issues to address. If you are elected vice-president, what specific steps will you take to help mend this rift so that we can work together to get our crucial work done.

  9. Korky Day says:

    I have read all that the candidates for this office have offered and all the readers’ comments. I still have no clear preference because both candidates seem so good. Is there some important difference between you 2, or do we voters just go on a hunch who would do a better job?

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