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2014 AANR Voter’s Guide–Proposed Bylaw Amendment

A motion for a proposed Bylaw amendment will appear on the election ballot that members will receive with their May issue of The Bulletin.  The proposition is printed here in its entirety.  It will be changed to the proper format when presented as a motion.

Proposition:  To replace the words “Procedure Manual” with “Governance Manual” and/or “Operations Manual” as appropriate in the Bylaws of the American Association for Nude Recreation, Inc.

Purpose:  To complete the separation of the Procedure Manual into two manuals as approved unanimously by the Board of Trustees in March 2013.

Fiscal Impact:  None

Maker:  The Committee for Untangling Governance from Operations.

Pro Statement written by Pat Brown, Chairman, Untangling Governance from Management Committee:

The single most important feature of good governance is a clear separation of the responsibilities and accountabilities of the Board of Trustees from those of office management.

This separation of the Procedure Manual will make it easier and faster for the office to function and leave the Board to set a clear direction for AANR and get the best results for the money invested.

The AANR Trustees unanimously approved this separation and unanimously ratified putting this Bylaw change on the mail ballot.  I encourage you to vote yes on this motion and to complete this process.

No writer was sought for a con statement.

Any member wishing to engage in any dialogue regarding this proposition should visit the AANR website and go to the blog, The Alltogether.

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2 Responses to 2014 AANR Voter’s Guide–Proposed Bylaw Amendment

  1. Orlando Rivera says:

    Keep AANR family with kids forever

  2. Jasen says:

    This seems a silly thing to have to vote on. The Board of Trustees vote should have allowed this minor wording change to happen. I understand the bylaws and rules may be written so that a vote is required. But if that is so, the bylaws ought to be changed to remove this micromanagement.

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