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2016 AANR Voter’s Guide – Officers: President

Bev Price

Beverly B. Price for President

Arizona Wildflowers




  • AANR President/Legislation Chair
  • AANR West President/Secretary/Treasurer
  • AANR Education Foundation President
  • Callen-Davis Memorial Fund Director
  • Registered Lobbyist for AANR in Arizona
  • Founder and CFO of Nude Defense Fund of Arizona
  • Co-founder of Arizona Wildflowers, AANR Club 1980 – 2016

Education and Career:

  • BA/MA, Secondary Education (Mathematics); MA Psychology and Counseling
  • Twenty-seven years teaching high school
  • Twenty-five years of teaching community college courses in nudism


  • AANR member since 1971, life-long nudist
  • Planned and led numerous nude activities for over 35 years.


I advocate for nude recreation, I’m a lobbyist.  I educate about nude recreation, I teach classes on the subject.  But when we forget our name, we forget what attracts folks to social nudism and convinces them to continue to seek it.

Our name says Nude Recreation.  It is supposed to be fun, even when we are advocating and educating.  Whatever you enjoy doing the most, you can enjoy in the nude.  Cast your vote for me, Bev Price, for President and I’ll do my very best to KEEP THE FUN IN AANR.

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