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2016 Voter’s Guide – Club Trustee: Group 3

Ronna Krozy


Ronna Krozy





AANR/regional/club offices held

  • AANR-East PR team
  • Chair: Solair WINR Chapter
  • Member: Solair Communications Committee
  • Member: Solair Membership Committee


  • Bulletin article “Effective Public Relations the Solair Way”
  • Bulletin, N Magazine 7-part series “How Long Should You Wait To Tell The World You’re a Nudist”
  • President’s Meritorious Medal
  • Professors and Researchers SIG

Not-for-profit board experience:

  • Chair: Public Education Committee, Massachusetts Cancer Society
  • Chair: ANAMass District 5 Nursing Practice Committee
  • Co-president: Beth Israel Hospital Nurse’s Alumnae Association

Background experience:

  • Associate Professor, Nursing; former department chair
  • Grant writing, survey development
  • Fully endowed global nursing program
  • Extensive public speaking
  • Numerous publications

AANR membership: 16 years


  • BS, MS Nursing
  • EdD Health Education

Candidate Statement

I am a ‘proud and loud’ advocate for nudism.  Serving many years on Solair’s Communications Committee, I created our media policy, prepared members for and appeared in a TV feature, staffed AANR/Solair booths, restarted WINR and wrote the series in The Bulletin and N Magazine on strategies for telling the world you are a nudist.  As a Club Trustee, I will bring my experience to a national level; forge closer relationships with and advocate for members; and explore new ways to market nudism to a diverse and multicultural society.

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