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2016 Voter’s Guide – Club Trustee: Group 3

Lewis Dreblow

Lewis M. Dreblow

Home Club/associate: Lake Como Resort and White Thorn Lodge




AANR/regional/club offices held:

3 years as elected trustee at White Thorn Lodge

2 years as elected club trustee for AANR

Other not-for-profit board experience:

Multiple committee and chairperson roles with former employer;

Consultant for a county Head Start Program;

Consultant for a county Health Department

Business/background experience applicable to position sought:

25 years as Head Information Officer at small private church related liberal arts university in Ohio

Length of AANR membership: 24 years

Educational background: Bachelor and Masters from University of Florida

Candidate Statement

Having served a term as a Club Trustee it is evident to me that we need to continue to seek new ways to make AANR relevant, meaningful and desirable. We need to explore and identify ways to reach out to young adults while expanding our accountability/credibility message. I support increased efforts to expand our service target to a more diverse constituency. I think AANR should focus on promoting nudism and our rights, letting membership take care of itself.

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