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2016 Voter’s Guide – Club Trustee: Group 4

Patty FaberPatty Faber


Home club: Shangri La Ranch



I have held the positions of Director of AANR West 1999-2002, AANR Trustee 2002-08, AANR-West VP 2009-11, AANR-West President 2011-15, President of Shangri La Ranch since 1999,  Board of Directors AANR Education Foundation.

I joined the New River Kiwanis in 2013 and was appointed Treasurer shortly thereafter, President-elect and now President.

Since moving to Shangri La Ranch in late 1997, to help my parents with the resort’s operations, I have been running the office. Our facilities have expanded yearly and we are currently in the process of renovating our rental units. We will be renovation the office which will help us be more efficient.

Member since 1997 life member since 2015.

Candidate Statement:

I strongly believe in family nude recreation and have raised three kids to adulthood in this way of life. We actively support AANR with donations of time and resources to advocate for families to enjoy nude recreation. As a club owner working with guests everyday gives me the opportunity to promote AANR to newcomers, find out what people are looking for at clubs or joining the organization. My perspective will be useful helping this organization give members the value they are looking for in their membership dollars.

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