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2016 Voter’s Guide – Club Trustee: Group 5

Joan Harris

Joan O. Harris


AANR club trustee 2014- present



Neighborhood Associations of Paradise Lakes (NAPL), President, April 2013 – present; Secretary, 2012 – 2013; Coordinator, Pasco County FL WINR (Women in Nude Recreation) 2014 – present

Experience: President and Director, Paradise Lakes Condominium Association; professional school counselor; district-office level education administrator ; Chair of school district United Way campaign; Charter Member United Way Women’s Leadership Council; international professional counselors’ honor society officer

AANR membership: 17 years, Premier since 2012

Education: B.A.- History; MSEd. – Counseling; Certificate of Advanced Study – Educational Administration

I advocate the mission of AANR and work toward the goal of ensuring that nudists may always experience this liberated life.  As an AANR Trustee I Chair the Research & Education Committee and the WINR committee.  My articles regarding both have appeared in the Bulletin.  As a resident of a nude community, I live the vision of AANR.  Through my local work with NAPL and WINR, I am able to personally connect with nudists and share the importance of AANR’s place in the nudist world.  I appreciate the opportunity to serve as an AANR trustee and ask for your vote to re-elect me so that I may continue to contribute.

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