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2016 Voter’s Guide – Club Trustee: Group 6 and 7

Karen Lahey

Karen Lahey

Home club/associate: SLUGS, Tiger Mountain, Hidden Spring, Sun Meadow






Convention Chair
Membership Pricing Chair
Woman of the Year 2015
Presidential Meritorious Award 2014
AANR Education Foundation (Board, Website)
Developed AANR app for Android

Woman of the Year 2010
President Meritorious Award 2010
NudeNews Editor

SLUGS (Board, Treasurer, Website)
Tiger Mountain (Webmaster, Former VP/Secretary/Board)
Business Experience: 45 years designing solutions, troubleshooting, developing software and leading software development teams.

Other Experience: Toastmasters (President/Treasurer)
St. Aidan’s (Vestry/Sr. Warden/Jr. Warden)
Emerson Cub Scouts Pack (Founder/Chair of Committees)
Length of AANR membership: 18 years

Education: BS, cum laude, Computer/Communication Sciences University of Michigan

Candidate Statement:

I have held many leadership positions at the national, regional and club levels of AANR and would be honored to serve you now as Trustee.  My history with AANR brings not only a deep commitment to promote, protect and advocate for nudism, but also the sensitivity and institutional knowledge to understand the challenges and concerns we face. I bring the ability to listen thoughtfully to everyone’s ideas, the clarity to seek creative solutions, and the experience to think strategically about the future. From nurturing small clubs to championing national causes, I offer collaborative, respectful and innovative leadership. Thank you!

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