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2016 Voter’s Guide – Member Trustee: AANR-East

Fred Van Nest


Fred W. Van Nest

Home Club: Empire Haven




AANR Trustee

Co-chair of Joint AANR-TNS Ad-Hoc Committee on Sharing Your Naturism

Chair of AANR-East Governance Task Force

AANR-East Strategic Planning Writing Group

AANR-East Strategic Planning Team

AANR-East Nominations Chair

2013 AANR Presidential Meritorious Award

2012 AANR Family of the Year

2009 AANR-East Man of the Year

28 year AANR Member

BS –  Clarkson University

My design, quality assurance and project management experience give me the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to complete creative and complex assignments with the desired results on time and within budget. My achievements in the AANR & AANR-East leadership positions listed above demonstrate that ability.

Candidate Statement:

Working with the distinguished organizational consultant I recruited to advise AANR-East on Governance and Strategic Planning issues has given me a comprehensive understanding of the problems that challenge volunteer organizations like AANR & AANR-East as they mature and attempt to achieve more substantial accomplishments.

Knowing what needs to be accomplished is only the first step in creating organizational change. Convincing leaders and members to make the needed changes is often the biggest challenge. If elected again, I will continue to use the leadership skills demonstrated above to help AANR overcome the many complex issues that are limiting its success.

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