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2016 Voter’s Guide – Member Trustee: AANR-Western Canada

Bob Campbell


Bob Campbell

Western Canada Trustee




  • Member since 2004
  • Western Canada AANR Trustee
  • AANR Finance Chair
  • Past AANR Hall of Fame Chair
  • Past AANR Glen Miller Fund Chair

AANR Awards

  • AANR Presidential Award
  • AANR Man-of-the-Year
  • Jim Cossins Memorial Award recipient

I’ve been on the AANR Broad that made several significant changes over the past two years through strong leadership and forward thinking, including:

  • Membership initiatives that have effectively eliminated declining memberships and are being expanded to further increase membership
  • Establishing strong finances. Our operating position is healthy and significant cash reserves exist to weather any unforeseen challenges
  • Renovation plans for our offices, increasing this critical asset’s value and providing our staff appropriate working conditions
  • Re-establishing a stable staff complement with the addition of an Executive Director and a number of skilled staff to develop and deliver services
  • Reach-out programs to other nudist organizations to develop cohesive strategies for all nudists’ benefit

Even though we have seen tremendous advances in the past two years there is still more to do:

  • Continuing efforts to create effective strategies to attract and retain members
  • Develop long-range strategies for the next 5-10 years
  • Upgrade support systems to achieve greater efficiencies for our staff and members
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