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79th Annual AANR Convention Kicks Off Today

The 79th Annual AANR Convention is underway for what promises to be the most entertainment-packed, seminar-filled AANR convention ever. Officials at Sun Meadow Resort, the Worley, Idaho, club that will host the event from August 9-15, have put together a schedule of events and activities that encourages visitors to arrive early and stay late.

 Sun Meadow has booked numerous artists for events in western Montana for more than two decades, and has added to the already impressive list of musical entertainment, which includes a Beatles tribute band, along with acts representing virtually every genre of music.

 Added to the slate for the final Saturday night of convention is Bakra Batá, a steel drum band that has performed at venues from Canada to Brazil. The group uses a number of Caribbean themed instruments and costuming to create a concert/dance that’s a fitting finale to the convention’s “Northwest Caribbean Holiday” theme.

“In my experience at the last couple conventions, people tend to fade out on Saturday instead of staying until Sunday,” Sun Meadow’s owner said. “We’re letting everyone know ahead of time that they’ll be bummed if they miss the last night of entertainment.”

 A number of seminars represent the Pacific Northwest. One called “Trapper Kim” takes a look at the fur trapping business that existed even before Lewis and Clark arrived. There will be authentic memorabilia from the era and programs scheduled at different times for adults and kids.

There will be no shortage of group-exercise options, including water aerobics, Aquacise, yoga, and Tai Chi sessions. The musically inclined will appreciate the daily deejay-hosted “Tunes by the Pool,” along with seminars on belly dancing and beginning Contra dance, a Virginia Reel style of dance with live music and callers popularized in New England. There also will be Ukulele 101 instructions.

For those more interested in their internal rhythms, there will be a biofeedback seminar that shows attendees how to control mood and sensitivity and a workshop on Intuition. There will be seminars on organic gardening, jewelry making, a naked webmaster workshop, late night star gazing (with telescopes), juggling and preparing a living will.

Health enthusiasts will want to check out a seminar on Vitamin D that will discuss what a nudist should know about Vitamin D and one billed as “What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know about Nutritional Medicine.”

Sun Meadow members will showcase their interests in a number of seminars including a parade of homes in the local nudist Sun Meadow Estates, a history of military uniforms (with models), and a unique history of telephone insulators.

Families will have plenty to do between a kite festival, a “Goofy Nude Olympics,” crafts and games, treasure hunts, water balloon volleyball, plenty of kids’ music, a balloon sculpture clown, picnic games, and some specific kids’ video concerts.

No convention would be complete without sports competitions, and Sun Meadow will host volleyball, horseshoes, bocce, and shuffleboard. Board gamers can compete in everything from cribbage to Dominos to Scrabble. Sports will tend to play a bigger role during the last four days of convention with awards at the Saturday afternoon patio party.

Club officials are ready for more than 500 guests for its inaugural convention. The property, located just two miles from Lake Coeur d’Alene, is a year-round nudist resort with a massive 15,000 square-foot lodge that features guest rooms, a 95-degree indoor pool, stage for frequent entertainment by touring performing artists, fitness center, library, rec room, and a restaurant that serves 3 meals a day, 365 days a year.

Though the Pacific Northwest is hardly a central location for an AANR Convention, the event typically draws well there, in part because of the support of the region’s clubs. Several have signed up as sponsors of the event, including Kaniksu Ranch, The Willamettans, Lake Associates Recreation Club, Fraternity Snoqualmie, and the AANR-Northwest region.

Committees have been meeting regularly to make sure the many seminars, musical acts, and activities go smoothly, along with the business slate of events. The outdoor pools and even the lodge are newly repainted. With the incredible help of   members in the adjoining Sun Meadow Estates and elsewhere, everyone is looking forward to a very memorable AANR Convention.

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  1. Shirley Gauthier says:

    I hope someone attending will post some updates for those of us unable to attend. In the past someone has posted daily “shout outs” and I really enjoyed getting them.

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