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AANR 2012 Election Results–Meet The New Board

For the fourth time in AANR’s history, members have voted directly for the officers and trustees of the Association. Here are the results of the election. Congratulations to the new Board. Thanks to the thousands of AANR members who voted.

Meet your new Board of Trustees who will serve you for the next two years:


Susan Weaver

Vice President

Robert Roche


Sharon McLeod

Club Trustees Group 6  & 7

Pamela Pelc

Michael (Mike) Parker

Club Trustee Group  5

Brenda Spangler

Club Trustee Group 4

Dave Landman

Club Trustee Group  3

Kathy Watzel

Club Trustees Group 1 & 2

Suzanne Schell

Van Bradley

Member Trustee AANR-East

Audrey Weber

Member Trustee AANR-Florida

Richard Warblow

Member Trustee AANR-Midwest

Harvey Hanna

Member Trustee AANR-Northwest

Kathy Smith

Member Trustee AANR-Southwest

Lucy Heide

Member Trustee AANR-West

Tim Mullins

Member Trustee AANR-Western Canada

David Jackson


Motion 1


Motion 2


Motion 3


On further review of the election results, Motion 3 did not pass with the required number of votes.

Motion 4


Download the results (PDF)


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9 Responses to AANR 2012 Election Results–Meet The New Board

  1. Congratulations to those who have been elected.

  2. Susan Weaver says:

    I wish to thank all those who participated in this election, including candidates and voters! The candidates, whether elected or not, demonstrated their willingness to give their talents and energies to AANR, and I am grateful. Many people make an important contribution in non-elective positions, and I think we will all be working together as a strong team in the coming years.
    I want to extend my special thanks to those of you who voted to give me another 2 years to serve as your president. I promise I will give you all my time, commitment and energies.

  3. Shirley Gauthier says:

    Congrats to our new board. I would have liked to see the official vote counts posted.

  4. Congratulations to our newly elected and returning leaders. We appreciate all you do for AANR!

  5. Alana M. Hodges says:

    Congratz to all!!!!

  6. Jeannie Diehl says:

    I would also like to see the official vote counts posted. Thanks to everyone for running and congratulations to the winners!!

  7. Iris Hill says:

    Congratulations to all, look forward too seeing you here at wonderful Lake Como in August

  8. Tom Brown says:

    Congratulations to all winners and thanks to all candidates for stepping up to the plate to offer your services. I also would like to see the vote count.

  9. Bob Jungman says:

    Congratulations, all. Our club finally has enough AANR members, that we can be an “official” non-landed club. We’d like to meet some of you over the next year, We already know Suzanne, as she is the owner of our “other” club, (some of us belong) to Laguna del Sol.
    Good Job all of you.
    Thanks for all you do.
    Bob Jungman
    South Valley Travel Club
    Bakersfield, CA

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