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AANR Executive Director on Fox Business Show

Watch AANR Executive Director Erich Schuttauf on Neil Cavuto’s Your World on Fox.

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11 Responses to AANR Executive Director on Fox Business Show

  1. It is the wave of the future. It would also help with getting through security at the airports.

  2. Anthony Holscher says:

    What an ass this guy is, no wonder I hate the right slant of Fox news. Why, why, why a right wing news station would cover our issue? To make fun of us. I don’t think this is positive coverage for our community.

  3. Steve Patrizio says:

    I didn’t see anything in this video that suggested a right wing agenda. I thought Neil Cavuto was a typical non-nudist who simply didn’t understand the nudist lifestyle. I think Erich Schuttauf handled himself well and did a great job of representing the AANR.

  4. Randy Peters says:

    Contrary to the opinion of others, the Cauvto interview was
    a positive one. He was not making fun of us.His approach was that of a typical non-nudist. The same skeptical approach would have come from any non-nudist at CNN or MSNBC. It has nothing to do with right or left politics.

  5. Will Robinson says:

    I thought it was a typical Niel Cavuto interview. He asks everyone hard questions without regard to whom they are, what they do or represent. I agree with most here, he approached the matter as any non-nudist would and thought he went a bit lighter than the usual Cavuto interview. Erich handled himself well, I like the way he got the towel in there at the end and mention of the web site. It appeared to me from his reaction that Neil will bring this up again in his personal life conversations and because of the data that nude recreation is so popular may even consider a try, he had that look about him at the end and there were no negative comments afterward which he is known for making if he disagrees. What more could you ask for. More importantly think about the size of the Cavuto market that AANR was exposed to in this short interview. Well done Erich and thank you Neil!

  6. michael k briscoe says:

    I thought the interview went well, Cauvto did not put out a bad image of nudist, a positive thing.

  7. J Walker says:

    Anthony… come on, you’re the one showing a bias. Nudism is not a left-right issue–there are just as many conservatives as liberals in nudist resorts across the continent. Neil was very reasonable and just doing his job expressing the common views of the general public about this subject. Do you refer to CNN as a left wing news network? You should, because it is.

  8. l reed says:

    I have always found it strange and misguided that so many AANR-minded people support the right-wing agenda. Don’t they realize that if the hard-core right wing completely had their way, then nudists would not only have their resorts closed down, they would also have their children taken into custody by children’s services. Ever since the founding of ASA/AANR, it has been a continuing battle to keep our rights safe from the puritanical right. AANR staff and volunteers have fought battles in state legislatures for decades, and these anti-nudity, Taliban-style laws do not come from the left. Like most issues involving freedoms that go against society’s norms and prejudices, nudism is absolutely a left-right issue; it’s just that many people haven’t figured it out yet who their real enemies are.

  9. Steve Patrizio says:

    l Reed, How can you say that this is a left versus right issue? I’m very much conservative, very much Christian and very much a nudist. I think it’s foolish and offensive to suggest that this is a Liberal lifestyle. Being conservative and Christian doesn’t mean I agree with some of the ignorance that I hear from the right or the left. When I hear speech such as yours I wonder if the people of this great country will ever be able to respect one another for who they are and not what they believe! It’s this kind of ignorant thinking that keeps our country divided on all issues.

  10. Perry Smith says:

    What I look for in the area of politics is those who have an interest in the everyday person, but who wage war on nudist i definetly vote against. To me the broardcast was a little to know-it-all by the anchor, and Erich was cut-off to much with the oh no no stuff. Again folks are ready to have an answer, but do not have an idea what it’s about. I think AANR should do an infomercial on the nudist lifestyle, and i bet when it would air, they would have a big audience draw alone, which would expose more of what is happening in the nudist envioroment as a whole.

  11. Bruce says:

    It seems to me-as someone who has not yet engaged in nudism, but is interested in doing so; that I Reed in particular but also Anthony are not in sync with the public proclamations of the Nudist lifestyle is…which is open and welcoming to people from all walks of life and a strict adherence to personal responsibility. As a conservative, I see that certainly there are the traditional conservatives-the Pat Buchanans of the world- that may be puritanical in their approach. But they are also the ones who are more in line with progressives on many issues. True conservatives in my mind…”NeoCons” as the left likes to call us are more interested in minimalist government. One that does not intrude in our lives and keeps regulation, taxes and spending to a minimum. One that says if you want to smoke or drink, go ahead as long as you are prepared to be responsible for your actions and you are not endangering others. Whereas the Left wants to regulate everything under the sun and punish (by taxing) things they deem unacceptable from tanning beds to soda and even salt. Wake up gentlemen; the ones that you need to fear are those on the left. Trust me; as nudism grows in popularity, the left will seek to control it according to their agenda.

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