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AANR Responds to Lady Gaga’s Nudity is “timeless” Quote

Lady Gaga, speaking on her video blog GagaVision has said she wants to be nude on all TV shows because it would be “timeless.”

Weighing in on this with a slightly unexpected response is the American Association for Nude Recreation. The AANR doesn’t believe American TV audiences are ready for a nude Lady Gaga.  The eighty-year-old organization promotes nude recreation and Nakationing in appropriate settings espousing, “Nude when possible, clothed when necessary.”

The organization, known for its philanthropy, has however invited the chart-topping entertainer to consider the following:

  • Conduct a benefit concert in the buff at AANR’s annual convention at member resort Laguna del Sol in Wilton, CA this August 8-14, 2011;
  • Shoot her next GagaVision video blog in the nude at one of AANR’s fun nudist resorts;
  • Be timeless and have her next television interview in her birthday suit at a nudist resort;
  • Or, as many nudist resorts annually putting on music events such as Nudestock and Nudeapalooza, Lady Gaga could make an appearance at one and sing “Born this Way” the way she really was born, in all her naked glory while in front of all her adoring little naked monsters who happen to be AANR members.

The press release was picked up by MSN’s music blog, Wonderwall. Read the article here.

Read Lady Gaga’s quotes on nudity here.

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6 Responses to AANR Responds to Lady Gaga’s Nudity is “timeless” Quote

  1. Mark in Griffin GA says:

    I’m not so sure even responding to “Lady GAGA” is a good idea. Just because someone makes a statement about nudity does not mean they are “on the same page” about nudity that AANR and it’s members are.

    Lada GAGA has made some very disturbing statements recently. I’d prefer it if we let her have her say, but did not respond to her.

  2. Tim Trott says:

    As to the fourth recommendation might also suggest the 11th annual Nudie Blues event at Hidden River Resort on the Georgia/Florida line at the end of this month would make a great location for a music video. –

  3. Carl U Burbank says:

    Too many people don’t realize how liberating family nudity really is. The human body is nothing to be ashamed of, really.

  4. Francis Gee says:

    I am always amazed when “nudity” arises and creates such turmoil. One reporter in the aftermath of Lady G’s nudity comment mention things such as floppy, drooping etc. body parts. Well, that is true only because so many Americans have too many ASS SETS. Instead of getting up and off them and working out, eating more healthy foods and caring more about the wonderous machine God provided them, instead of just the face. I was that way. 36% body fat..smoked 2 to 3 packs of cigs a day for 24 years. I would add “drank like a fish” but actually I have never seen a fish drink.
    Now just under 20% body fat, no smoking since 1988 , but do not care if you smoke and sitll drink my beer.
    A person can only be expected to sacrifice so many things.
    When I reply to people my answer to their question, “What do you do here in Mt Pleasant/Charleston” with “I am a Figure Art Model” they ask, “What do you model (and this is suppose to be thee hub of great art, yeh right), “I model myself”
    It results in knees being injured by jaws dropping, teeny beads of brow sweat and a case of “Hems Haws”.
    Yet when the males in this group have a lovely lass pass so near they end up wearing her fragerence, also, they will be the first to mutter, ” WOULDN’T YOU LIKE TO SEE HER NAKED?”
    I have heard women say the same about men with great buttocks.
    So, it is always fun to listen to foolish statements from people who practice their double standards, admonish we who feel so much better without Chinese and Honduras made clothes of questionable materials, all over our bodies.
    Too bad there is not a nudist group here in Charleston/Mount Pleasant area
    Artistically yours,

  5. Mark says:

    Of course nudity is timeless, but a person should not be nude just to “be timeless.” That’s just an excuse for trying to get attention, which of course is not what we’re about. I have to wonder if the kind of attention Gaga would bring to a resort is the kind that we’d want. Is timelessness always good? Well it’s all idle speculation anyway.

  6. Linda says:

    I think AANR should forget Lady Gaga, who would do anything for publicity. Let’s get an 80-year-old actress for AANR’s 80th anniversary convention. How about Angie Dickinson? She turns 80 in September and has done a variety of nude scenes. She would probably love Laguna del Sol in California.

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