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AANR Skinny-Dip Bear Debuts

AANR Skinny-Dip BearYou already recognize AANR as the go-to source regarding the great American tradition of skinny-dipping. Made by the Vermont Teddy Bear Company especially for AANR, this Birthday Suit Bear’s coat comes off to reveal his naked body underneath. His sash declares “I Love Skinny Dipping” with the AANR logo prominently featured.

The AANR Skinny-Dip Bear encourages people to participate in this healthy, open, safe and friendly activity, while supporting the important role of AANR to protect their right to skinny-dip in appropriate settings.

Enter our contest by letting us know the most interesting place where you would take this cute, cuddly skinny-dipper. You could win the very first AANR Skinny-Dip Bear before they are even sold by having the most creative entry. Leave your comments below. The contest ends Sunday, December 5, 2010.

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15 Responses to AANR Skinny-Dip Bear Debuts

  1. Trudi Sawin Barry says:

    i take my skinny dipping bear to Streakers pool side in Sunny Rest Resort in the Pocono’s
    Take him on Neked Teddy Bear picnic with the grand girls and me He could also come camping With Teddy my dog and Skinny Dip the bear and me

  2. t kline says:

    I would love to take Naked Teddy to St Marten the Orient Beach,,beautiful people, and the sand is so find….Lay enjoy the sun and drinks…and watch the ladies rub Teddy’s body with lotion….And do a little swimming…Fun

  3. Brian says:

    I would take Teddy and my wife Renee’ to all the AANR Clubs in the Southeastern states next summer and introduce him to all the first time nudists we are going to invite to our Sunday Skinny Dips we are going to have…….more info coming soon!

  4. Carla says:

    how about Bear Lake in Utah… LOL

  5. Roger Gindi says:

    I’d bring my Skinny-Dip Bear to the GNI Gathering.

  6. I’m “not eligible to win” but if I had this cute, cuddly, bear I would send him to actress Jennifer Aniston with compliments from AANR… for being a good sport about filming portions of her recent movie among nudists.

  7. Shirley Gauthier says:

    AANR “Bare” Bear would join me at a Springfield, Oregon Chamber of Commerce Greeters meeting to represent The Willamettans Family Nudist Resort. Over 100 members of the business community meet weekly to share breakfast. The AANR Bear would then partner with me at the local Business Expo where over 15,000 community members visit the mall to visit trade show booths. This bear would make a great addition to the Willamettans booth space.

    This AANR Bear will not miss attending the Willamettans first ever WinterFest event February 18-21. Watch for the WinterFest ad in the January issue of the Bulletin.

    This Bear in addition to being a skinny dipper is addicted to promoting AANR and would be an active AANR Government Affairs Team Volunteer. AANR Bear would promote AANR at all times. I can already visualize a photo spread of the AANR Bear in photos with politicians, community officials or local celebrities willing to hold the AANR “Skinny Dipping” bear.

    AANR Bear really needs to head to AANR-NW!

    • Bob Campbell says:

      I agree with Shirley. The Willamettans is the venue for this wonderful bare/bear. I think he/she knows exactly what to wear or not.

  8. Angye Fox says:

    I would take the AANR “Bare” Bear to Caliente Clothing-optional Luxury Resort in Land O’ Lakes, Florida where he could be a TV star in the new reality show being filmed at Caliente called the Nak’d Truth. The TV Show would give him the most exposure and help educate others about social nudism.

  9. Rick Burge says:

    The very first place the AANR Bear would go is to our newly re-name cafe at the “Willies” It’s the “REST-UR-RUMP”. After a fantastic meal he would be off to the club house to sit in front of our new gas fireplace and enjoy watching the Oregon Ducks on the brand new big screen TV. In the Fall, he would be leading the Willamettans as we march in the Eugene Celebration showing that it’s true what we say. “Just wear a smile” There are so many activities for him to enjoy in The Northwest year round. The Skinny Dip Bear belongs here at “Willies”

  10. Sue Ott says:

    The Skinny Dip Bear would have a greaat time swimming and playing water volleyball in the warm,covered swimming pool at The Willamettans in Marcola,Oregon. Over Presidents Day weekend in February, he will enjoy all the fun at the first annual WinterFest. He’ll try his paw at ice sculpturing, unbrella decorating,and sports of all sorts. He’ll even have a chance to put on PJ’s for the pajama party. Bears are not strangers in Oregon – he’ll be right at home.

  11. Tom Mulhall says:

    Hi Erich,
    Great idea. Hopefully Jennifer will let you personally present the skinny dip bear to her.

    And of course if Jennifer doesn’t want one, then I would love to see Teddy visit the Today Show, the View, etc.

    Since I’m on the National AANR PR committee, I don’t want to win the AANR Skinny dip bear either.

    wE can’t wait to buy one.

    Tom and Mary Clare Mulhall

  12. Jerry Bobo says:

    I would take my skinnydip bear to Delta Downs Casino/Hotel resort as my good luck charm while gambling. It would certainly invoke smiles, I think. I am retired and eat out alot and I think having the bear sittin on my table at a restaurant would provoke conversation and probably making of new friends. I personally see the skinny-dip bear as a great promotional item of the naturist lifestyle. I LOVE IT AND WANT ONE.

  13. Dave Smith says:

    I’d take him to Sun Meadow, Idaho ( for year round skinny dipping, even after a day of cross country skiing!

  14. Matt says:

    “Bare-it”, our new name for him, would take on the role of “Flat Stanley” for skinny dipping. Instead of keeping him to ourselves who only get to go skinny dipping once and a while, we would share him out with our friends to encourage and promote skinny dipping. We would bring him to pool parties, local resorts, and just keep him out and about. However his most important role would be when he surprises my wife with our first Nakation as a x-mas gift.

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