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AANR's Nakation Box Makes CNBC Holiday Gift List

For the second time this holiday season, AANR’s Nakation in a Box has appeared on a list of gift suggestions for the person who has everything. See  Splash Magazine’s Holiday Travel & Leisure Gifts for 2009 here

CNBC–the very popular cable news channel–is featuring the Association’s Nakation box on its list of “unusual” gifts along with the question, “[is this gift] stupid or cool?”

Of the voting responses collected to date, a majority aren’t completely sold on the idea.  However, the 26% who say it’s cool are right in line with other poll results that show more than 1 in 4 of those in North America have given skinny-dipping a try, and that about 1 in 5 would find visiting a nude beach or resort while on vacation a very desirable experience.

You can read the CNBC article–and perhaps vote to help boost rankings a little–by clicking here.

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