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Alicia Silverstone Talks Nudity on The View

aliciaWatch as Alicia Silverstone is interviewed by The View ladies about being a vegan, her new cookbook, swimming in the nude at home and at a nude beach with actor Woody Harrelson, and her husband and Harrelson’s nude trip down the Amazon.

Click here to watch.

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One Response to Alicia Silverstone Talks Nudity on The View

  1. Sava Mathou says:

    I think its great when well known people discuss their views of nudism. Its great to have that exposure- no pun intended. People are starting to realize that nudity is healthy, and not the dirty sin of our fore fathers.
    Many people practice nude recreation or skinnydip but dont call themselves nudists. They just enjoy what they enjoy and call it at that. Maybe- we should learn something from this and incorporate those ideas into our own, so that nudism can begin to go more mainstream.
    We can all learn from this. Todays younger people are not joiners but love to try new things. When they find something they like, they keep doing it. Maybe- with more celebrities talking about nudism, we will begin to see more of the younger generation begin to enjoy the nude recreation lifestyle. Positive role models such as Alicia Silverstone can only help further the advancement of nude recreation in our country. I hope she continues to talk about nude recreation and share it in a positive light.
    She is taking a public risk, and we should applaud her!
    Sava Mathou
    Vistas of Montana

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