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An Introduction and a Look Forward: Coming Out As Nudists

By Steve Jacobson

While searching for a topic for my first guest blog to AANR, it became evident that a little introduction is in order. My wife and I decided to explore nudism when we saw an advertisement in a camping magazine. Having been “house” nudists for many years, we felt a more than passing interest in “coming out” as nudists.

So off we went, not knowing what to expect, but keeping an open mind.  Arriving at the nudist resort and seeing all these people enjoying themselves, it took less than 30 seconds to shed our clothes and become lifelong nudists.

I’m sure this example of our intro to nudism isn’t unique but I needed a place to start.

Since then, many years ago, we have been club members at various clubs and now that we are retired, we are permanent, year round members of a beautiful nudist resort, Sandpipers in Edinburg, Texas.

Being full time nudists has brought some realizations that many people, just exploring nudism, don’t understand. When you’re part of a nudist community, it’s not being naked that’s the most important thing. It’s the feeling of belonging to a community of like-minded individuals. Wherever we went, no matter what club, it was the people that impressed us the most.

Being a nudist seems to bring out the best of humanity in folks. People are non-judgmental when it comes to body shape, race, religion, money, and interests. It’s most refreshing to be accepted for who you are and not what you are. It’s the nudist lifestyle, not being naked, that makes “our world” so attractive.

So that’s the introduction. I’m Steve and with my wife Karon we are living the nudist lifestyle, enjoying our neighbors and guests in south Texas.

As for topics for this blog, I intend to discuss a variety of interests to nudists. I will also ask my friends to suggest topics that they feel will be of interest. I have a background in Radio, TV, and Satellite broadcasting along with production of media programs for various commercial and government clients. I will try to bring a well-rounded look at topics that not only relate to long established nudists, but also topics that will help the “new” nudist.

I have spent a lot of time observing how we nudists interact, as well as deal with problems that are common to both nudists and non-nudists. I hope to take these observations and mold them into interesting and informative content for the blog. I look forward to receiving questions and comments about the blog. I’m sure they will help stimulate the discussion.

So until next time, enjoy life…naturally!

Steve Jacobson

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