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Ann Marie Whicker: New to Nudism

About eight years ago, when my husband first decided to try nude recreation, I had no idea that it would be something that he would develop a passion for–one that would change our whole family. During those years, whenever he would ask me if I would go to a nudist resort with him I would get an uneasy feeling. He would tell me how freeing and fun it was to walk around outside and recreate in the nude, but I just could not understand what the big deal was and why being nude made such a difference. He would tell me of the great health benefits of being nude in the sun and the respect that nudists had for their own and other people’s bodies. Being someone who believes in keeping myself healthy, I really appreciated the idea of the health benefits, but, on the other hand, I just wasn’t ready for something like that. In my mind, there were just too many reasons to decline.

When our older son turned sixteen, my husband took him to a nudist resort for a long weekend. They had a great “father and son” time kayaking, swimming, and hiking together. I was a bit skeptical and nervous, wondering how our son would react to that type of atmosphere. Well, when they came home, my son was so excited that he couldn’t wait to go back. Now, I had both my husband and my son telling me that I needed to try nude recreation.

During those eight years, my husband had become an advocate for nude recreation and naturism, so, you are probably wondering, where did that leave me. I had always been up for challenging myself. After graduating high school, I decided that I wanted to become a musician, so I bought an electric guitar, took lessons, wrote my first song within six months of learning how to play, and was fronting a band within a year. I earned a bachelor’s degree while I home schooled my two sons. I wrote a book that is designed to help people to home school a child who has high-functioning autism. However, nudism was a challenge that was even bigger for me. This challenge didn’t require developing a new skill, or studying and learning a new subject. It required something else: developing the right mental attitude about being naked.

The idea of being nude around strangers made me feel very uncomfortable and a lot of it had to do with our over-sexualized culture in America. I wondered if it was really possible for people to be able to recreate in the nude without “desires” being the focus. My husband would tell me that it is possible and would remind me of how many medical doctors and nurses see people nude on a daily basis and are able to keep sexual desires in check. That reality really helped me to get my thinking on the right track.

As I was warming up to the idea of trying nudism for the first time, my husband applied for and was hired as the executive director for the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR). So, while I would have liked to have eased into nudism at a bit of a slower pace, the challenge side of me said, “I can do this,” and the first time I participated in nude recreation was during AANR’s mid-winter board meeting where they voted my husband, Dan Whicker, into his current position.

At the onset, trying nudism for the first time was very scary and different for me, but after I did it, I found out that it really was not as big of a deal as I was making it out to be. Once I saw that I was around people who have a healthy mental attitude about the human body and nudism, it made me feel at ease. I felt a huge sense of freedom being able to walk around in the sunshine with no clothes on, feeling the air hit all parts of my body. It was also very encouraging to see people not concerned over body shapes or imperfections, but who instead were interested in meeting new people and having fun together.

I am grateful for the support that I received from both my family and the AANR family, as I jumped into the nudist lifestyle. I felt so much comfort and encouragement, especially from those who have been involved in nudism for many years. It was an amazing first experience that changed our family, especially me, forever.

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15 Responses to Ann Marie Whicker: New to Nudism

  1. Mke McCleery says:

    Congratulations, Ann Marie, to both you and your husband. You certainly got immersion by fire with your husband’s new job. I am in the same boat as your husband was, with a reluctant wife. We now make an annual pilgrimage to Club Orient, where we have met many wonderful friends who go there the same time every year. They have made my wife feel very comfortable, but she is still reluctant to try new nude recreation opportunities. I am being patient with her: I want to be sure she enjoys it as well. To a large extent, I think it is easier for a male to embrace a nude lifestyle than a female, but we have also met a few couples where the wife is all in and the husband is reluctant.

  2. Pam says:

    Thank you so much Ann Marie for sharing your experience. I am so happy you have joined the Nudist community!

  3. Matt Holley says:

    Great story loved reading it.

  4. Roe Ostheim says:

    Enjoyed reading your article, I for one and I am sure many other nudists had the same feelings that you had. I have lived at Cypress Cove Nudist Resort and Spa in Kissimmee since 1996 and wouldn’t live anywhere else, it is a close knit community where people look out for one another.

  5. Rick Felton says:

    Ann Marie, I hope you have friends and family you can share your experiences with.I have told several friends and my children and my oldest granddaughter. My wife to was very reluctant to try social nudity but accepts it. She does not share my enthusiasm. I am more like your husband, I love it.

  6. GaryB says:

    Thank you Ann Marie. I have a question which you are the best to answer. We have been a part of AANR for two years and I love what Dan is doing.
    We have our nude recreation friends at the resort we go to annually but my wife does not want any of our clothing friends to ever go to a resort to experience nude recreation. I have a hard time understanding that but honor her decision. Any thoughts from your view being cautious about nudism.

  7. jim says:

    we should all be able to go nude in and outside our homes any time. good for you Ann Marie I been a nudist for over 25 years and I love it

  8. Colleen Coyne says:

    Congratulations, What a wonderful essay on your transformation from textile to naturist. You are correct American make everything sexual and there for dangerous. For the most part we are instructed to fear the new or unusual. Glad that you are enjoying the freedom of nudity in the sun with your family. Have you encouraged any other extended family member to join you? Like sisters, brothers, parents, nieces et al. May I ask if you are now a nude family? I was raised in a family were we ate in the nude, cleaned the dishes and then we all engaged in a family bath (we were raise in Japan for the most part and that is not uncommon.) On occassions we invited trusted friends to our family dinners. Most truely enjoy it after about 15 minutes.

  9. Barbara Flynn says:

    Welcome to our Nudists Family Ann Marie, We are nudists for us long as I remember, and believe me, I am not young chick any longer.
    I really hope, that your article, inspired some others who are reluctant to the idea of getting nude in public.
    Anyway, welcome and congrats!
    Barbara and Curtis from Washington state, living at Kaniksu Ranch / family nudists resort/ during the summer months, and in Arizona at Shangri La Ranch / nudist resort/ during the winter months.

  10. Pete Roberts says:

    Great article Anne Maries !!! Welcome to the nude world . I have been a nudist for over 30 yrs now and love going to the nude beach . There is alot to learn , and it seems never ending . Have fun in the nude !!! Pete

  11. Sophie says:

    Great to hear your story. Living the nudist life is so joyful. Keep it up!

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  13. Hello Ann Marie I really enjoyed reading your story, I am also new to the public nudist lifestyle, but after reading your story I am ready to dedicate myself a hundred percent to the lifestyle, thank you for sharing

  14. Jan and Gary says:

    Hi Ann Marie:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. We are so happy that finally you have joined our nudist community.
    And you will agree that besides being such an enjoyable lifestyle, you meet the nicest people.
    Gary and I have been nudists since before we were married many, many years ago when I suggested to him we go to a club after a nude beach visit. And we haven’t looked back.

    Again, welcome to nudism, Ann Marie.

    Sunny cheers,

    Jan & Gary 😊☀️❤

  15. mansur keskin says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. We are so happy that you finally have joined our nudist community.
    And you will agree that besides being such an enjoyable way of life, you meet the nicest people.
    Gary and I have been nudists since before we were married many, many years ago when I suggested to him we go to a club after a nude beach visit. And we haven’t looked back.

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