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AOL and Other Media Spread the Word about Nakations

Getting fed up with airline baggage fees and the recent announcement by Spirit Airlines that they will start charging customers for carry-0n luggage? Nudists already know the solution: Take a Nakation. Read David Moye’s article and interview with AANR PR Coordinator Carolyn Hawkins on by clicking here.

The interview also includes VitaNuda’s What is Nudism video.

In fact, newspapers and websites featured AANR in articles almost every day this week. With each public relations oppportunity also comes a chance to promote nude recreation.

First up was a story in The Detroit Free Press about Turtle Lake Resort.Read it here.

Other news outlets picked up an AANR press release when the story about Spirit Airlines first broke:

Dallas Morning News (Miami)

Tour Expi

Salt Lake Tribune

Travel Industry Buzz


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