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“Bear” With Us

The AANR Skinny-Dip Bear is showing up in all sorts of places. On vacation in the tropics, at the theater, snorkeling and at a variety of other hot spots. Where would you take your AANR Skinny-Dip Bear?

This holiday season, AANR offers you a honey of a gift. This plush bear is representative of the freedom exhibited by the likes of Teddy Roosevelt–a skinny-dip enthusiast for whom the teddy bear was originally named. The bears, made in America by the Vermont Teddy Bear Company are now available in the AANR Store.

The AANR Skinny-Dip Bear encourages people to participate in this healthy, open, safe and friendly activity while supporting the important role of AANR to protect their right to skinny-dip in appropriate settings.

Let us know where you would take your Skinny-Dip Bear by Photoshopping the image at left into your favorite location. Then send your photo to The most creative photos will be published on the AANR website.

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