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Bev Price and Dan Whicker’s Radio Interview

Beverly Price and Dan Whicker talk about the AANR Convention in Springfield, Oregon and how they came into nudism on Jefferson Public Radio. Click this link to tune in!

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One Response to Bev Price and Dan Whicker’s Radio Interview

  1. Brian Clark says:

    Excellent interview about NUDISM and the NUDIST LIFESTYLE with BEV PRICE and DAN Whicker. I have been a NUDIST here in THE BAHAMAS for many years and enjoy the NUDIST LIFESTYLE.I have been in contact with BEV PRICE via emails and correspondence. She is a LOVELY LADY BOTH INSIDE AND OUT [ hope to one day meet her in person. ] She and other NUDIST LADIES make me PROUD TO BE A nudist. Bev is the President of A.A.N.R [ our NUDIST ASSOCIATION ] Like BEV said in the interview…..once she tried it she never looked back. It was the same with me since I tried NUDISM…….I never looked back.

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