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Beverly Price Radio Interview with Talk Radio KABC.

Beverly Price, the AANR President, discusses nude games and the values of AANR on Talk Radio KABC. She also explains how nudism is not a sexual experience, but rather a way to experience freedom. This is a great radio interview that you will definitely want to listen to!

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2 Responses to Beverly Price Radio Interview with Talk Radio KABC.

  1. Brian Callahan says:

    You did a good interview, although interrupted by the hosts with their comments. I came away thinking that the hosts were more intent on discrediting nude recreation. We have a ways to go before being accepted as an alternative lifestyle.

  2. Mark says:

    I agree with Brian. The disc jockeys just kept interrupting and putting their own perverted spin on nudism. They obviously have never been to a nudist resort or activity. It’s a shame that I don’t think she got to really get her point across. I would have liked for her to get more talk time. I wish more people shared in the nudist lifestyle.

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