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Boston Globe Asks "Why Is This Mom Naked?"

The June 28 edition of The Boston Globe Magazine featured an article titled “Why Is This Mom Naked?” with the lead-in “Can a clothing-optional policy teach young girls to be more comfortable as women?

A mother tells her story about being nude in front of her young daughters and how she hopes showing them that she is comfortable with her own body will help them be comfortable with theirs.

As nudists we know that nudity and body acceptance go hand in hand. It is encouraging that a major publication such as the Boston Globe is recognizing the link between the two and giving readers a chance to share their views.

The magazine’s Question of the Weeks is: How does your family handle nudity and how has it affected your children’s body image?

Read the article and reader comments here and send your comments to

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3 Responses to Boston Globe Asks "Why Is This Mom Naked?"

  1. The Beautiful Kind says:

    I’m 36, my daughter is 8. We are nude around each other all the time. She has an awesome body acceptance attitude. She is comfortable in her own skin. I never weigh myself, or say I’m fat or need to diet. She is looking forward to having curves!

    The biggest compliment and sign that I am doing the right thing is when she said to me, “Mom I hope I have a body like yours when I grow up.”

  2. Joseph Alonzo says:

    Im 14 and love begin nude but unfortuantly my parents dont soo im nude when there not home or at night in my room. I think its a great idea for this parent to be nude around there daughters. People should accpect there bodys!!!!!!!!!

  3. GREAT Article! Baltimore nudist women and men are celebrating Saturday 7/11 at 1pm, and do so monthly! We’ll show this article to our members well done!

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