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Cape Cod Beach Volunteers Announce Annual Cleanup

The CAPE COD BEACH VOLUNTEERS announce the 15H ANNUAL CAPE COD BEACH CLEAN-UP At Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown, Massachusetts, on 9:00 a.m., Saturday, June 18, 2011.

Greetings Officials, Media, Beach Enthusiasts and Volunteers,

Your presence is requested at a celebration of volunteers on Cape Cod. For fourteen years volunteers have gathered from throughout New England and beyond for this annual Beach Clean-up. The event is open to nudist, naturist and all their families and friends who wish to help.

Cape Cod National Seashore Rangers have repeatedly expressed their belief that there is room for a clothing-optional zone on the 40+ miles of shore. However, their hands are tied by a regulation dating to 1975. You are invited because we think the regulation at least deserves a second look.  We would appreciate your help and any assistance you can lend us in making that happen while promoting clean Cape Cod Beaches for our summer visitors and their families while maintaining a rapport with the Rangers.

More than 500 volunteers have given their time over the years to make beaches on the Cape Cod National Seashore cleaner and safer. For many, their story actually goes back to 1975. That’s when a federal regulation was invoked banning a long tradition of skinny-dipping and sunbathing on the seashore. Many disagreed with ending that tradition. But rather than disobey authorities, they resolved to work constructively to bring the tradition back. That’s why, in 1997 they teamed up with National Park Service Rangers to help pick up trash and weather related debris. While the regulation remains unchanged to this day, what started as a small group has grown to hundreds who make the cleanup an annual event. In addition it has come to be recognized and honored by the US Dept of Interior as part of their “Take Pride In America” program.It’s our hope that you can volunteer this year with these committed individuals as they gather again to clean miles of Herring Cove and Race Point Beaches on Saturday, June 18th.

This year we’re extending a special invitation to Federal, State and local officials to join us during this project. This Cape Cod Beach Volunteers invitation is being extended to all on behalf of the sponsors, The American Association for Nude Recreation, The American Association for Nude Recreation – East Region, Sunchasers Travel Club, Sandy Terraces, Bare Bottom Beach Club, Naturist New Hampshire, CMR and affiliated New England clubs who love the Cape Cod Beaches.We are expecting an above average turnout this year and want to be sure to have enough refreshments on hand for all who will attend.

Therefore, we respectfully request that you RSVP to:

William Falconer

Cape Cod Beach Volunteers

Ph/fax (413) 583-6877

We are looking forward to seeing you there!


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One Response to Cape Cod Beach Volunteers Announce Annual Cleanup

  1. Shirley Gauthier says:

    I feel confident that if nudists were aware at how much impact these beach cleanups have with public officials more AANR/TNS members would prioritize their time and budgets to participate.

    A huge thank you to all those that do participate in the planning, organizing and work the day of the cleanup. Your time, personal finances and contributions are huge and I do appreciate it.

    Shirley Gauthier (West Coastf)

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