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Darkness to Light Applauds AANR

Darkness to Light, the leading non-profit child abuse prevention organization, applauded AANR’s efforts in the fight against child abuse on its website. AANR has held child abuse prevention trainings to educate members and clubs about the dangers of child abuse and how to be proactively observant in preventing such dangers.

The Darkness to Light website notes, “True to their mission, AANR approached Darkness to Light last year about holding a weekend of child sexual abuse prevention trainings during their annual conference in August.

“Pedophiles will find ways to be around children, whether it’s working at a day care or becoming a nudist. AANR recognizes this fact, and luckily took a bold, proactive step to prevent child sexual abuse in their organization.

“We applaud AANR for being honest with themselves that they are at risk for attracting pedophiles, (as is any organization with children) and for having the courage to talk openly about the issue and take proactive steps to PREVENT it.”

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

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