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Dear Abby: "Be sure to wear sunscreen"

Today’s Dear Abby column in newspapers across the country features an article from a woman, “Eve,” who is concerned about her husband “Adam’s” desire to spend most of his time at home in the nude. The couple lives in a secluded home in the country, and “Adam” frequently mows the lawn, gardens, and hikes au naturel. “Eve” wants to know Abby’s thoughts on joining him or if Abby feels “Adam” might have gone too far when he was mowing the grass nude and the UPS truck pulled up.

Read Eve’s letter and Abby’s response by clicking here.

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One Response to Dear Abby: "Be sure to wear sunscreen"

  1. Peter S Shearer says:

    Great! Could have been written about me, although in a more restricted area. Nice to have a non-judgemental response.

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