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Do Children Need a Fig Leaf?

Yesterday’s New York Times’  Home & Garden section featured an article titled “When Do They Need a Fig Leaf?” The article, by Julie Scelfo, talks about nudity and children in the home. It’s a known fact that young children enjoy being nude; it’s often the parents or other relatives who are sometimes uncomfortable with it. Scelfo interviewed parents and experts in the field of child behavior for a well balanced article that presents the varying perspectives of parents and guests toward children and nudity. A majority of parents and experts reveal that they do not have a problem with allowing a child to be naked in the home or when appropriate. AANR Executive Director Erich Schuttauf wrote a letter to the Times which is scheduled to appear in next Thursday’s Home & Garden section.

The Times posed the question “Should young children be allowed to play in the nude at home?” to which over 500 readers responded. Read the article, and post or read the comments here.

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