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Do You Have What It Takes To Be An AANR Officer Or Trustee?

Ralph Collinson, AANR Nominations Chair

AANR is a member driven organization, and the 2014 AANR election season is fast approaching. The deadline for nominations is March 15, 2014. The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the Association and manages the business affairs of the organization; it is responsible for developing policies and providing guidance and direction to the executive director and office staff.

There are seven Member Trustees representing their respective regions and seven Club Trustees representing the various categories of clubs throughout AANR. The executive officers, president, vice president and secretary / treasurer, are responsible for carrying out the decisions of the members and the of the Board of Trustees.

The President is the chief administrative officer and executive head of the organization conducting AANR business in accordance with the bylaws, policies, and procedures that have been established. The vice president serves in the president’s absence. The secretary/treasurer maintains the Association records, is responsible for the Association funds, prepares reports, and records and transcribes the minutes of the annual membership meeting and all board of trustee member meetings.

These elected officials are the heart of the organization. They make the decisions that move AANR forward. The elected officers and trustees of AANR are responsible for the governance of the Association, while the executive director and office staff are the management arm. People with knowledge, training or experience in association marketing, government strategy and lobbying, public relations strategy and outreach, financial planning, and the vision of using Internet technology of the future for marketing, lobbying and educating can play an important role in the future of AANR.

As an organization, we are at a crucial juncture that is going to require strong and adept leadership and decision making to place AANR on a strong foundation for the future. The board and executive officers elected in 2014 will be responsible for setting direction to reverse the continuing decrease in membership, will reorganize and streamline the organization enabling it to better meet the challenges of the future, and will need to be increasingly active protecting and furthering nudist rights.

It is important that members be willing to step up and run for these positions. AANR needs candidates who want to make a difference. Members who run for office are the glue that holds AANR together, and by being an officer or board member you better connect with the nudist community and make it a better place. AANR cannot grow without your energy and input.

Do you have what it takes? There is definitely a time commitment. The president’s position is close to a full time job and the other officers and trustees must be willing to spend at least 10-20 hours per month on AANR business. You must be able to travel and participate in the meetings and work with your fellow board members on committee assignments as well as represent the general membership and the clubs. You must be committed to AANR and to the objectives and purpose of the organization and willing to make the effort to move the organization forward.

Volunteering also has benefits to you. It will give you the satisfaction of making a difference in the nudist community. The intangible benefits are pride, satisfaction, and accomplishment. In addition to sharing your time you will be able to share your talents in solving problems, strengthening our community, and improving and transforming AANR.

Hopefully, your interest has been piqued. The minimal qualifications to run for president or vice president are that you must be a voting member of the Association in good standing for the last two years immediately prior to seeking the nomination, plus you must have at least two years as an elected Association official, or elected regional official, or member of the board of trustees or of a regional board. Additional qualifications indicating proven leadership ability such as a background as a top level manager or business owner would be very worthwhile as well as strong communication skills, ability to manage change, and solve problems. The secretary/treasurer position requires that the candidate be a voting member of the Association in good standing for two years prior to seeking the nomination. Additional skills/experience in bookkeeping, accounting, minute taking, working with boards or large organizations, etc. would be highly desirable.

The minimal requirements for the board of trustees is the same as the secretary/treasurer. In addition, the Member Trustee must be a member in good standing of the region that they plan to represent and must have served the region as an elected, appointed, or volunteer official for at least one year. They cannot be an owner, manager, officer or paid employee of any chartered club or the spouse of one who holds such a position. On the other hand, Club Trustees must be an owner, a manager, an officer, a board designee or paid employee or the spouse of one who holds such position of an AANR charted club. In addition to the need of being a team player and change maker, skill in strategic planning, problem solving, organizational design, information technology, government affairs, marketing, communications, public relations, recruiting, managing, or education would be an added plus.

To be placed on the ballot candidates running for officer positions must obtain the endorsement of no fewer than three club officials and the endorsement of no fewer than 10 other AANR members. Each club may nominate only one candidate for Club Trustee per election cycle. Club Trustee nominees must obtain the endorsement of no fewer than three other club officials to be placed on the ballot.

Any member in good standing can run for Member Trustee, and they are required to obtain the endorsement of no fewer than 10 other AANR members to be placed upon the ballot. One Member Trustee will be elected from each AANR region. The duties and responsibilities of the elected officials and the related nomination forms are available in the Members Area of the AANR website in the Download Center under “Bi-annual Election Forms and Guidelines.”

In addition to being jolly, please consider running for a position on the AANR board over this holiday season. We are actively seeking qualified candidates to run for president, vice president, treasurer, club trustee, and member trustee. The deadline for applying is March 15, 2014.

This holiday season give AANR the gift of your service and become part of AANR’s future. Actually, you will be creating AANR’s future. Visit the Download Center in the members area of the AANR website to determine the qualifications and requirements for each of the positions. This is a win/win proposition—by serving on the board, you will also receive the satisfaction and recognition of serving your community and strengthening our organization.

If you have any questions about serving, the nomination process, or the qualifications, please contact any of the regional presidents or the AANR office staff for assistance at 800-879-6833..

Happy holidays to everyone.

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