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Get Ready To Skinny-Dip

The third World Record Skinny-Dip is set for July 13, just a few months away. This year’s  event is the first to be jointly hosted by AANR and The Naturist Society.

The first World Record Skinny-Dip in 2009 saw 13,674 people simultaneously skinny-dipping across North America. In 2010 we beat our own record.

Can you remember or guess the total number of people simultaneously skinny-dipping in the World Record Skinny-Dip of 2010? Post your answer in the comments section below. The person who guesses the correct number will win a 2013 World Record Skinny-Dip t-shirt.

This contest is not open to staff and volunteers who worked on the precious two events.

Good luck!

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33 Responses to Get Ready To Skinny-Dip

  1. Pretty sure the count was 14,110.

    We can beat that this time!

  2. William Sylvia says:

    the total for 2010 was 14,110 skinny dippers

  3. Byron Hilton says:

    The record setting number for skinny dipping in 2010 was 14,110. Hopefully this year will be more. Thanks Byron

  4. Ron Groothuis says:

    more i think 14.996 people

  5. Ron Groothuis says:


  6. 14110. And we participated in both 2009 and 2010 at Holouver Beach. Will be there again to be counted for this year’s event as well!

  7. jay says:

    I will be there, When and where?

  8. Daniel Glover says:

    The total was 14110 and I was one of them! Yippee!!!

  9. Janet Miller says:

    13,767 will be the number of skinny dippers.

  10. Preston says:

    20, 000 is my answer

  11. Cynthia Herrington says:


  12. david taylor says:

    15000 skinny dippers

  13. barbara douglas says:


  14. Rob Heidemann says:

    You didnt have a skinnydip event in 2010 for some reason.

  15. Richard Phelps says:

    I already have reservation at Laguna del Sol Resort. See you all there on 7/13!

  16. JOHN ALTMAN says:


  17. Michael Leon says:

    The number of people who participated in the World Record Skinny-Dip in 2010 was 14,110 people.

  18. Matthew Sloan says:

    The record number of skinny dippers in 2010 was 14110.

  19. Jeff Myer says:

    The World Skinny-Dip record for 2010 was 14,110 people.

  20. Marc Seligman says:

    14,110 ? We were part of it in Land O Lakes FL (Pasco County … Nudist Capital of the USA)

  21. Brian Cohen says:

    The World Record Skinny-Dip of 2010 had 14,110 participants.

  22. Michael Leon says:

    The skinny-dipping world record for 2010 was 14,110 people. 14,110 people participated in that skinny-dipping world record for 2010.

  23. David Anderson says:

    I got wet in 2010, along with 14,109 other nudist for a total of 14,110.

  24. David Anderson says:

    I got wet in 2010, along with 14,109 other nudist for a total of 14,110. Additional information, there was 127 clubs and groups from the USA and Canada that took part in The World Record Skinny-Dip of 2010.

  25. Howard Husband says:

    Well it was 14110

  26. Monte Bowling says:

    The number was 14,110. I wanna be part of this new number this year!! Love to all of you beautiful free thinkers, both AANR members, and those that will be this year!!! 🙂

  27. Dave Bush says:

    Was there then and will be trying to help break it again this year! Live Nude!

  28. Dave Bush says:

    ooops, the number was 14,110

  29. Tom says:

    I recall 14,110

  30. Dave Smith says:

    Yeah, it was 14,110. This year we’re going to smash that record!

  31. Debbie S says:

    I’m certain the record for 2010 was 14,110. YEAH!!! I’m glad they are bringing the Skinny Dip back!!! YEAH!!! Life is Short . . . PLAY NAKED!

  32. Andrea says:

    14,110 I will be in Mexico at a clothing optional resort. We plan on filling the pool with Skinny-Dippers!

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