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Guess the 2015 Skinny-Dip Count, Win a Skinny-Dip T-shirt!

Thousands of nudists skinny-dipped at nearly 100 locations across North America last Saturday, July 11, at 3 p.m. Eastern Nudist Time to celebrate Nude Recreation Week by “Skinny-Dipping Again!”, this year’s theme. Before and after the event, articles appeared online and in print in various media venues throughout the country. You can read some of them here:


USA Today

USA Today

Desert Sun


My News 13


AZ Central

The totals of skinny-dippers are pouring in from AANR clubs and resorts, beaches, and other locations. While we await the final count, we are giving away a 2015 Skinny-Dip t-shirt to whoever guesses, or comes closest to guessing, the final count.

As a hint, below are the totals for the 2009 and 2010 World Record Skinny-Dips.

2009 —  13,648

2010 —  14,110

Here’s hoping this year’s event was our biggest yet!

Please comment on this post to enter. Winner(s) will be notified by email and we will request your size and mailing address in order to ship your t-shirt. We are out of sizes Small and Medium but sizes L, XL, and XXL are still available.

After you enter, watch this space for the final count once it has been decided.



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128 Responses to Guess the 2015 Skinny-Dip Count, Win a Skinny-Dip T-shirt!

  1. NudistNerd says:

    My guess is 15,250

  2. Keith Stenger says:


  3. John Martens says:


  4. Andy (Kona Sun Klub) says:


  5. Alex B says:

    I guess 8200 or about

  6. Dale Boardman says:

    My guess is 15,759

  7. Dennis Justice says:


  8. preston cozart says:

    15,500 but i hope more!

  9. David Baldwin says:

    My guess is 16,321. I spent a beautiful day at Sunshower Family Nudist Resort in Centerville Ind. It was the best.

  10. Jeff Vanderbilt says:


  11. Jason Baker says:

    I was at Paradise Garden, 16,732

  12. Rob Lowen says:


  13. Opine71 says:

    My guess is 19,500

  14. Tom Price says:


  15. mike shellenbach says:

    my guess is 21,500

  16. bobby h says:

    14,876 is my guess

  17. Phil Patnaude says:

    I think 14,100

  18. Ron says:

    My guess is 33,659

  19. Ron says:

    My guess is 330659

  20. Wayne says:


  21. Richard England says:


  22. Don says:

    Hey, we’re in the article lead picture! Greetings from the pool at Shangri-la Ranch!

  23. MomGwen5555 says:

    My guess is 16,895

  24. Duane Nifong says:

    My guess is 18,642.

  25. Jeff Wood says:

    I’m thinking 16969

  26. cindy c says:

    My guess is 15,216.

  27. Hunter says:

    13,567 I was at Lake Como Family Nudist Resort in Land O Lakes

  28. Rich field says:

    We attended Green Valley. My guess is 13,752. 2x please

  29. John B says:


  30. Phil Debuhr says:

    I think 22,120

  31. John O'Malley says:

    I guess 14,625

  32. Keith says:

    I’ll guess 14,141

  33. Jack GR. says:

    I was at Solair…beautiful Day…..12,874

  34. Boobie says:


  35. Britt Dixon says:

    I was at Bell Acres in Maysville GA. My guess is 14,333

  36. DebbieS says:


  37. dan pascali says:

    i was at san carlos park, fl my guess is 16500

  38. Matthew Collins says:


  39. Brandon drabek says:


  40. Diana P says:


  41. Gene Thompson says:


  42. Howard S says:

    My guess is 16.232

  43. Bonnie Quinlan says:


  44. John Dufek says:

    My guess is 13,775. Kim and I participated at Sunshower in Centerville, Indiana. Wonderful place, we had a relaxing day!

  45. Robert H says:

    I would say 18,000

  46. Tom Kline says:

    My guess is 16,221 Thank You

  47. Tom Kline says:

    My guess is 16,211 Thank You

  48. Lin T says:

    My guess is: 17,365

  49. John gosse says:

    I’m guessing 16201 .

  50. RIC says:


  51. David R. says:

    I say 16242

  52. Tob says:

    One miiiiillllion skinny dippers.

  53. Jim Williams says:

    My Guess 16,590

  54. Jeff says:


  55. Rusty Peacock says:

    12,156 the final count

  56. Gail says:

    I would say 16397.

  57. Kevin says:

    10,000 is my guess. My AANR club participated, it was a beautiful day weather was perfect, we had a wonderful picnic following the skinny dip. Thank you to all of our participant’s

  58. John F says:

    14572 is my guess

  59. Debra says:

    I’m feeling 1,341.

  60. Debra says:

    That should be a guess of 13,410

  61. Verne Kemble says:

    My guess is 11,666, I hope it is higher 🙂


  62. Bobby Sanders says:

    I’m guessing 18.551

  63. debbie dunaway says:


  64. dave dunaway says:


  65. debbie dunaway says:


  66. Ken Nevitt says:

    16,969 is my guess.

  67. Howard H says:


  68. Terry Van Effen says:


  69. Robin Poirier says:

    Good morning – Sunny Sands in Pierson Florida contributed 38!
    Estimate this year – 14,258

  70. Carl says:

    Had a blast at Whitetail Resort in VA.
    I’ll hazard a guess of 18,570 skinny-dippers.

  71. Scott vorwald says:


  72. Ben says:

    We were at cypress cove, my guess 12,500

  73. says:


  74. Debbie says:




  76. Doug Vonderheid says:

    Is it too late? 15201.

  77. Hardy Brunell says:


  78. Sandy & Bob G says:

    Just hope that the number keeps on growing, so we’re thinking about 18000 participated.

  79. James Hook says:

    I was one of the skinny-dippeers at White Thorn Lodge in western PA. I’m guessing 16306

  80. Jim says:

    If Gunnison is counted…15900

  81. JACK says:


  82. jeffrey says:


  83. Coleene says:

    My guess is 17,312

  84. Bob Gerber says:

    I would guess 21110

  85. Bob Gerber says:

    I would say 21110

  86. Judy W says:

    15,952 hope many more

  87. Julie says:

    participated at Berkshire Vista in Hancock, Mass.with a count of 76.
    would like to see 14,650

  88. Paul O says:

    count 17,976

  89. Jeff says:

    I was at Shangri La. My guess is 13998

  90. Steven Kapp says:

    I was at Haulover in Floirda for the 24th annual on July 11.
    My guess would be 18,000 skinny dippers

  91. Steven Kapp says:

    18,000 nude bathers

  92. Lloyd Newman says:

    15,610. I was at Rock Haven, Murphreesboro, TN

  93. Walt Curran says:

    I was at Beechwood lodge for the skinny dip. My guess is 14,950

  94. Terry and Kathy says:

    Were going to go with 15,958

  95. Kurt Stuhlemmer says:


  96. Eric in Miami says:

    My guess is 17,650

  97. Brian Clark says:


  98. Dale says:

    Just a wild guess ….5,400.
    XL please & thank you

  99. Akennell says:


  100. Brian Clark says:

    Having seen my letter to the edition in the BULLETIN , Feb. 2016 ISSUE It is such a WONDERFUL FEELING to see my letter printed in the BULLETIN and an ADDED PLUS for me my letter was the only one printed in that issue. For a NUDIST and AANR MEMBER who lives in the BAHAMAS where there are no NUDISTS CLUBS or RESORTS it makes me VERY PROUD to see my letter in print in THE BULLETIN. Thank you MARTHA YOUNG. BRIAN CLARK, BAHAMAS.

  101. Brian Clark says:

    Having been in the NUDIST LIFESTYLE for many years I often wondered why it took me so long to take the plunge and give this lifestyle a try. Since becoming a member in AANR I am so glad I did not wait too long. Being a NUDIST and AANR MEMBER I OFTEN FEEL I BELONG TO A WONDERFUL FAMILY. Living in the BAHAMAS as I do I have met many other NUDISTS and AANR MEMBERS visiting here and it IS PURE JOY FOR ME to be able to ENJOY SCOCIAL NUDISM with NEW NUDIST and AANR FRIENDS, ENJOYING THE FEELING NUDISM BRINGS TO US, to be able to sit outside on a patio feeling the cool evening breeze and viewing the beach and ocean while in conversation. All of us ENJOYING NUDISM At ITS NAKED BEST. BRIAN CLARK, BAHAMAS.

  102. Brian Clark says:

    In the May, 2016 issue of the BULLITIN I was happy to see the ladies manning the AANR TABLE on THE BARE NECESSITIES CRUISE RECENT TRIP. It was great to read the article and see the photo of the ladies in front of the table NICE and NAKED. I spotted my friend CAROLYN HAWKINS and an added plus…… her daughter in law next to her. All of the ladies ready to answer questions about NUDISM and NUDE RECATION from the people who stopped by. These NUDIST LADIES are so IMPORTANT on these cruises in getting our message out to the general public about NUDISM and THE BEAUTIFUL FEELING OF NUDIST FREEDOM. I as a NUDIST and LONG TIME AANR MEMBER have become proud of ladies like these. GREAT ARTICLE and BEAUTIFUL PHOTO, thank you ladies and THE BULLITIN for printing it. BRIAN CLARK, BAHAMAS.

  103. Brian Clark says:

    I often think back of when I first became interested in NUDISM many years ago, since then I have met many NUDISTS and shared many happy times with other NUDISTS who visit the BAHAMAS. In the early days we seemed to just have sun clubs, now we have cruises, scuba diving, sky diving. tours different lands, small sail boat trips….. all designed for us NUDISTS. I am PROUD as to how far we as NUDISTS HAVE ADVANCED IN OUR LIFESTYLE. As past AANR PRESIDENT SUSAN WEAVER once said……. WE have come A LONG WAY but…….. WE STILL HAVE FAR TO GO. BRIAN CLARK, BAHAMAS.

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